NOT TODAY!: Lil Durk & India Royale Shut Down Breakup Rumors After He Was Accused of Cheating with Transgender Woman – “Y’all Know Damn Well This Sh*t 4eva”

This is similar to that Eddie Winslow/Sidney Starr mess we discussed a few days ago and I’m just going to say this, it’s interesting that most people were concerned about the idea that Durk allegedly is into trans women vs that real story that he allegedly cheated on his girlfriend. There’s much more I could say about this, but it’s honestly not place to spill so for now I’ll just say that it shouldn’t matter if that were the case, men are not homosexual for dating transwomen..and even if they were homosexual and dating another man, why is that still such a big deal in 2021? Would it really change the fact that you like his music? Anyway, let’s get into it…

Much of the time, when a rapper is faced with internet theories regarding their personal life, they typically let the chatter roll on until it fades into internet oblivion. For Lil Durk, however, when people begin speculating about his girlfriend India Royale or the foundation of their relationship, he is quick to jump online to make sure the world knows that they are solid.Durk and India have been called “Hip Hop Couple Goals” as they boost one another, support each other’s efforts, and boast about their love. But according to recent internet chatter, it gave the exact reason why you shouldn’t be branding couple’s as goals anyway… because you never know what happens behind closed doors.

On Thursday (October 21), rumors began to circulate after fans noticed that Lil Durk’s Instagram profile was bare. It gave all the signs of being deleted and soon, people were patrolling India’s Instagram page, as well. When the public couldn’t find images of Durk, rumors quickly spread that there was trouble in paradise. Interestingly enough, this all took place after a few online sources began to circulate images from a rumored video that they used to allege that Durk had been “caught cheating” with a transgender woman. The pictures actually just show a man walking behind someone, who is allegedly transgender. Internet users have alleged that the person in the picture is Lil Durk because of the white shorts he’s wearing, which resembles the rapper’s outfit in another picture. The story went that Durk allegedly was allegedly caught entering the woman’s apartment via a neighbor’s “Ring” doorbell cam and the neighbor supposedly sold the video to a few blogs.

Some Twitter users have expressed disappointment in the fact that people are mocking the rapper for allegedly being spotted with a transgender woman. Others questioned how we could possibly even run with “cheating” allegations simply because he was seen walking behind said woman. It has led to a debate on the platform as a couple of them have pointed out that the cheating rumors wouldn’t have been a big deal if the rapper was linked with a woman. That has irked many others, who have criticized this transphobic behavior.

However, as soon as the gossip was lit, Durk returned to put out the flames. His Instagram was restored and he even updated it with a photo showing him and India kissing. “Y’all know damn well this sh*t 4eva,” he wrote. India shared the same image and the couple also jumped on Instagram Live to laugh at the rumors. Check it all out below along with a few reactions and let us know what you think of this mess.

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