TODAY ON ‘LAW & ORDER’: Megan Thee Stallion Testifies that Tory Lanez Offered Her $1M to “Not Say Anything” Immediately After Shooting Her

As crazy as it’s getting watching all of this finally play out, my heart can’t help but go out to Megan as she’s not only forced to continuously relive such a traumatic event, but also in front of her alleged abuser and the entire VERY JUDGEMENTAL world.

It’s been over two years since bite-sized rapper Tory Lanez allegedly shot Megan Thee Stallion in the foot but we’re finally at the point where justice is looking to do it’s thing. As previously reported, Tory’s trial kicked off Monday, with both sides laying out what they say happened the night Meg was assaulted. Prosecutors clearly say Tory pulled the trigger, while Tory’s attorneys have laid out alternative theories, including pointing out some possible fighting between Kelsey and Meg that night.

Following opening statements yesterday, today things are really escalating as Megan herself has taken the stand to deliver her testimony. “I just don’t feel good,” Megan, her voice cracking, told the court after being asked if she was nervous, according to Rolling Stone. “I can’t believe I have to come up here and do this.”

The Grammy-winning rapper recounted her personal relationships with both Lanez and Kelsey and said that she and Lanez began arguing after she wanted to leave Jenner’s house and he didn’t. Her stylist had left the party, and she therefore needed Lanez to give her a ride.

Megan told the court that the argument in the SUV started because she wanted to leave the party at Kylie Jenner’s house and Lanez didn’t. He “had an attitude” and when they got in the car he told Megan “you need to stop lying to your friend” referring to Kelsey. She says she she wanted to get out of the car right then and there but “I’m in the peak of being famous and I’m in a thong … and I look all crazy” obviously worried about being photographed.

Eventually he lets her out of the car According to Meg, as she started walking, she heard Tory say “dance bitch” … and claims she then saw him with the gun pointing at her before getting shot. Meg says she started to go into shock at that point.

She claims Tory then said to her, “Don’t say anything and I’ll give you a million dollars” — adding he was already on probation. She says she remembers thinking about how he seemed more concerned about possibly going to jail than shooting her.

Megan also confirmed that while the argument started about their romantic situation, it quickly escalated to a fight about their careers. Lanez apparently told Megan she “ain’t shit” and she responded by insulting his own stature in industry… which she says really set him off.

As for Kelsey, Meg testified she never saw her with the gun. Regarding the lack of support from the rap community, Megan chalked it up to the idea that it’s still largely a boy’s club.

Megan’s set to take the stand once again once the trial resumes after breaking for lunch, we’ll keep you posted on how that continues to play out. Thoughts so far?

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