OFFENSIVE OR NAH?: Sexyy Red Receives Backlash for Using Transphobic Slur in Lyrics – “Keep a D*ck on Me, They Think I’m a Tr***y”

I’ll say this… if this was a few years back, it would be believable that a celebrity would be using that term unfamiliar with the fact that it’s been deemed offensive. But in 2023… that’s a bit of a stretch, specifically for someone as active on socials as Sexyy. I feel like anyone playing into this is doing exactly what she wants at this point.

Sexyy Red has been having a pretty good year so far. After dropping off her debut project ‘Hoods Hottest Princess,’ she’s consistently achieved viral records that the public seems to love and snagged some pretty impressive co-signs, even hitting the road opening up Drake on his ‘It’s All a Blur’ tour and recently getting back out there with a tour of her own. However, Sexyy’s rise has definitely been a bumpy one with quite a few questionable moments.

Just a few months back, she proudly declared herself to be a supporter of Donald Trump, even going as far as saying that she “misses him in office.” Shortly thereafter she made headlines once again when a sex tape was uploaded to her Instagram story. Fans began questioning whether or not she did it herself for publicity. She quickly claimed that this was done without her consent and she would never do that, but with the antics Sexyy consistently pulls it’s not hard to imagine why folks would start to think she’s not as green to the scene as she’d like to appear when it comes to how to grab headlines and promote her music. Insert, her latest ‘scandal.’

Recently Sexyy has been all over social media, previewing some new tracks for her supporters. In the latest snippet which was shown off last night, Sexyy certainly pushed boundaries, although in a politically incorrect sense. As you can see below in the video, some of the lyrics here are pretty questionable as raising eyebrows on social media. There is one word in particular that many will take offense to, and she may just have to go back to the drawing board. As you can hear, she simply says “keep a d*ck on me, they think I’m a tr***y.”

The use of the last word is largely frowned upon, and the commentators made sure to point that out quickly. Social media responses quickly began to spread ranging from “sexyy red being transphobic and liking trump was NOT on my 2023 bingo card” to another which read “She’s really such a bad ignorant person,idk why yall always make the worst people famous,I Hate this type of person who acts oblivious to the world and never considers other peoples feelings just bc she thinks it’s funny,like have some humanity God…”

Sexyy has yet to respond to any of this but I’m sure that’s coming soon and we’ll see if that line in the track actually sees the light of day. Take a look for yourself and let us know your thoughts? Is she out of line with this? Also, do you think she knows what she’s doing for views or she’s geninuely out of the look as the “hood” princess?

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