BOY IF YOU DON’T GET: Kodak Black Claims Megan Thee Stallion Made A Career Off Stealing “Drive The Boat” From Him

Kodak Black seems to think Megan Thee Stallion made an entire career off “stealing” his catchphrase, calling her out and demanding his credit.

Kodak Black’s ego is getting about as ugly as he is as of late. First he started off the week suggesting Jay-Z “stole” his hair style, now he’s got his eyes on Thee Stallion. Kodak Black is apparently tired of waiting for people to acknowledge what he says is his influence on the rap game. The 23-year-old Florida rapper wants his credit and he wants it now. Lately, he’s been embroiled in a short-lived internet feud with buzzing Memphis rapper Pooh Shiesty, but now he’s re-focusing and aiming at Grammy-winning artist Megan Thee Stallion and saying that she capitalized off jacking one of his catchphrases.

For months, Kodak Black has been claiming that Megan’s “drive the boat” phrase originates from him, which honestly some have largely agreed with. When asked about the term on national television though, Megan didn’t give credit to Kodak, saying that she came up with the sentence herself. “I Really Wanna Go Bad On Lil One but I’m Keepin This Sh*t Pretty #LetMeDriveTheBoat,” he wrote a year ago while he was still incarcerated. After Megan swept the Grammy’s with three big wins apparently Kodak is in his feelings and he’s coming for the superstar on Twitter, letting off some steam in some barely readable tweets he let off on Tuesday night.

“‘You Know What, Ima Pull Up On Jit Wit Bout 200 Bands Or Sumn Since I Raned Off Wit Da Man Quote Got Rich Off It & Ain’t Mention Em Nan Time,'” wrote Kodak on Twitter, seemingly suggesting what Megan should have done after Yak caught on. “Who Shoulda Said Dat Twitter?”

He went on, saying that Megan made her entire career off the phrase. “I’m Lit I Ain’t Old & Washed Up Somewhere Hating On Young N***as I’m Jus Over Here Counting This Money But Still Pointing Dat Sh*t Out Y’all B On D*ck!!! Make a whole career off of taking one Lil piece of my sh*t & I B Coming For My Money. Baby ain’t have to go out her way to give my credit but the opportunity came to her instead when they asked that question on tv smh and they be on some Black Lives Matter sh*t y’all don’t even be fa this sh*t fr. Especially Since He Just Getting Outta Prison And Black Lives Matter So Let Me Pay A Lil Homage To Dude Throw It Back On Em Or Sumn. Or You Know What Ima Just Let Him Drive My Boat & Call It Even.”

Well, Kodak has named his price. Either he gets a $200,000 bag for supposedly kicking off Megan’s career (in his opinion) or he gets a ride on the boat with her. I personally don’t know or care where the “drive the boat” phrase came from, either way, I think it’s hella unfair to attribute Megan’s entire career to it, though. Now, if we were talking something that is as heavily associated with her as “hot girl summer” there may be a case…but this just seems petty. What do you think of this nonsense?

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