WILD’N’OUT, INDEED!: Jessica White Talks About Finding Out Nick Cannon Having A Baby on the Way with Brittany Bell Via Instagram (WATCH)

Now ladies, what would you do if you not only found out your man got another woman pregnant..but you also found on on social media along with everyone else?

The public romance between Jessica White and Nick Cannon seemed like a whirlwind for their social media followers. In June 2020, the supermodel uploaded a series of black and white photos where she posed in the buff and declared her love for the media mogul. “Always been the love of my life always will be. REAL love can never be broken . You are me and I am you for eternity. @nickcannon you are a king always remember that sh*t.”

What wasn’t known that the mother of Nick Cannon’s son, Brittany Bell, was pregnant at the time—that is until someone commented on one of her posts congratulating her. After White found out, she wrote online that she hoped she and Brittany could “forge a sisterhood and friend ship for the sake of the family.”

Soon, Jessica had wiped her page clean of Cannon and it was assumed that the relationship was over. The actor and Bell seem to have rekindled their romance, and now White candidly reveals details about her lengthy relationship with Cannon and their previous hopes of having children together.

“It was years, almost six years,” the model told Hollywood Unlocked’s’ Jason Lee. “We just had unconditional love for each other and we were friends. You know, when you have a really close friendship with a person, you just know each other. And you kind of have an understanding of how things are gonna move and how you position yourselves. He understood me and my craziness and I understood his and we just meshed. We got along well and we were actually in a really good space before it ended.”

She admitted that she was in love with Cannon and the feeling was mutual, however, she’s no longer in that space. The model also spoke about discovering online that Brittany was expecting. White said she had no idea but “[Brittany] was aware that I had just had a miscarriage. Two weeks prior to her news ’cause I had told her and I was living at his house. She knew that, as well. But I found out on Instagram along with the rest of the world.”

“I felt a lot of things,” the model said when asked if she felt betrayed. “You have to remember, I was going through—still, my hormonal changes, we were about to start in vitro. So, when I came out, people thought like, oh, I was this homewrecker. No. There was a real-life going on. I was bullied for months with that whole situation because I was still trying to be nice about it, like, we didn’t break up right away. We were actually still trying to work things out. He was with me for my birthday, like, it wasn’t until I went home to New Orleans to visit family where I had to ask myself some heavy-duty questions.”

She also said she spoke with Cannon weeks ago and he told her he would “right his wrongs” and come forward to defend her name, “but he has yet to do that.” White said it’s still “incredibly painful,” but she trusts that Cannon will be a man of his word. Check out the clips from her interview below.

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