SWIPER NO SWIPING!: The Internet is Coming for B. Simone Again; This Time for Allegedly Plagiarizing Her Self-Help Book

Jesus. Another day, another B. Simone dragging courtesy of social media.

It seems B. Simone can’t seem to catch a break these days. Over the last few weeks the comedian has found herself being criticized online for one reason or another. This time, it’s because people have discovered that a number of passages from her best-selling book “Babygirl: Manifest The Life You Want” were stolen.

B. Simone became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter Saturday (Jun. 13) for the third time in recent weeks after someone pointed out that a lot of the stuff she put in her “book” was taken without credit (i.e. plagiarized) from other content creators.

“Would love for @TheBSimone to STOP taking small content creators’ hardwork and selling it as her own!!!” tweeted a woman named Ell Duclos, who founded the 41,000+ strong community of female bloggers called “BossGirlBloggers.”

She added: “Disgusting. This is not entrepreneurship. This is PLAGIARIZING.”

Her tweet was accompanied by a side-by-side screengrab of a self-help guide she wrote herself called “50 Questions to Find your Best Self” and a screenshot of a section from B. Simone’s book which is literally the exact same thing (minus 20 questions), word-for-word.

However, that was just the tip of the iceberg. Several other Twitter users continued to call B. Simone out for ripping off other female content creators while providing undeniable examples of her plagiarism.

And this ain’t the first time B. Simone has found herself atop Twitter’s trending topics either.

In fact, it was just a few days ago that she was being dragged for saying that she doesn’t want to date a man who works a 9-5 because she’s an entrepreneur and he wouldn’t understand her “hustle.”

And before that, she ended up on the wrong side of cancel culture for her comments about the global protests against racial injustice and police brutality:

“I’m not living to please man. I’m here to please God at the end of the day… I am a CHRISTIAN! I’m God fearing, I have to answer to him! I’m going to ask myself WWJD not what an angry black woman do! I am angry but i am also trying to be Godly.”

Now, she’s being dragged all over again for previously bragging about being a millionaire and then coming to find out, one of the things that helped her get there (i.e. her book, which reportedly sold thousands of copies just hours after it was released) was full of stolen content.

As of now, the book was said to be taken down from new sales following this debacle. Whew, chile … three separate draggings in just under three weeks. You love to hate to love to see it. For what it’s worth, her manager has responded to the backlash stating that they hired a design firm to handle the book and had no knowledge of the swiped content. What do you guys think of all of this? Should Simone get the blame?

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