IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Nicki Minaj Got All Types of Backlash for What’s Been Deemed “Irresponsible” Tweets About the COVID Vaccine & Telling Some Weird Story About Her Cousins Friend’s Balls

It’s very telling the amount of unnecessary drama Minaj has decided to address on Twitter as of late. From who asked who to be on what song, to defending her fan like they weren’t the ones harassing others, to now vaccines. It seems Minaj is willing to address any headline but the one that is single handedly tainting her career and legacy. We’ll talk more about that later, though.

While most were tuned into the Met Gala, Nicki Minaj’s COVID-19 vaccine remarks became a trending topic and to call the response she’s received “backlash” would be an understatement. It all started when the “Chun-Li” decided to share that she is skipping was skipping out on the Met Gala in New York City due to it’s vaccination requirements and informed her fans that she had yet to be vaccinated because she was still doing her research. Minaj also claimed that she she allegedly contracted COVID recently and had to pull out of this past weekend’s MTV Video Music Awards performance, yet she still hasn’t done enough research to make her comfortable with receiving the vaccine and proceeded to tell a rather strange story about a “cousin’s friend” who lost his testicles due to the vaccine.

This story has run wild on social media, and while it has become the subject of thousands of memes and jokes, others have called Minaj “irresponsible” for spreading alleged misinformation to her dedicated following. Political commentator and MSNBC correspondent Joy-Ann Reid called out Minaj and Meghan McCain addressed the rapper’s comments by tweeting, “That’s enough internet today.”

In response, Minaj replied to McCain and said, “Eat sh*t you,” but with Reid, she dug a little deeper in her bag of insults. “A lying homophobic c*on,” wrote Minaj as she shared a screenshot of a story about Reid penning homophobic comments. “I guess I can join in the reindeer games too right? Ppl can go on tv & lie on me, I can report on them, too right?. Doesn’t have to be truths. It can be half truths. Uncle Tomiana asked who on earth would trust the US FDA guys.”

Minaj also made quite a few claims that the “media” was lying on her although each article she reposted quoted her exact tweets so it’s a little difficult to understand anyone allegedly took her words out of context like she claimed. Ultimately, anyone getting vaccinated or not is their discretion, I just think that Minaj should’ve just sat the Gala out and ignored any reasons behind her decision to avoid the controversy similar to what she’s doing with her personal life. As mindless as her fanbase moves when it comes to her, they’re going to take whatever she says about the vaccine or anything as bible and actually apply it to their life.

Peep it all below and let us know your take on this mess.

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