FINISH HER: Cardi B Shuts Down Professional Coon Candace Owens in Twitter War – “I’m Not Getting Pimped Out By White Men”

Candace Owens has her tap dancing for master shoes laced up real tight as we get closer and closer to the election and this time she thought it’d be a good idea to set her coontastic sights on Cardi B.

Candace Owens is pretty much viewed as a professional coon by much of the Black community. Not to be taken seriously, this ‘pick me’ once ran an anti-conservative/trump blog back in 2015, and filed racial discrimination lawsuits, only to more recently claim racism doesn’t exist and make disrespectful statements about the Black Lives Matter movement as well as George Floyd during her continued support of Donald Trump serving as means to further outcast herself. Someone who is actually the exact opposite is chart topping superstar rapper, Cardi B. Cardi’s latest music video ‘Wap’ has more than 175 million views online and is the first-ever all-female rap collab to debut at number one. Bardi is known for speaking her mind and not being afraid to share her political opinions publicly while constantly using her massive platform to encourage her massive following to get out and vote.

So it’s not hard to see why Elle Magazine gave her a platform to interview US presidential candidate Joe Biden in August. The ‘WAP’ rapper mentioned many important political issues such as free healthcare, free college tuition and racial justice. Many people were happy to see the interview, praising the rapper for opening up about her own experience of poverty and more, however apparently conservatives like Coodace, couldn’t quite grasp that concept. even going as far as calling Cardi “illiterate.” Owens said that the interview was “demeaning… pandering [and] ridiculous” during a chat with conservative pundit Ben Shapiro.

Bardi responded explaining what should’ve been an easy concept for someone who claims to be as education as Coondance, that it was important for Joe Biden to talk with her because she has such a huge voice with her platform and prejudice is still a big problem in America. Many try mock Cardi as if she has no value greater than that of an entertainment industry commodity, but even in honestly, she shuts them down — reaching into the heart of Americans. She also shared a video of her sister Hennessy, who was disgustingly harassed for her sexuality and race.

Candace of course had a sarcastic response and didn’t show much concern, per usual. But Cardi B hit back, saying “I can make millions go vote to get the MAN THAT USED YOU …I honestly just feel sorry for you.”

Later, Bardi took to Instagram, sharing that she gets daily abuse from Trump supporters. In the past, she says they have doxxed her home and encouraged people to set it on fire. She also cleared up why it was important for Biden to speak with her saying “I have millions of followers. I pay millions in taxes. I have the #1 song in this country…I can encourage millions of followers to go vote” and asked Candace why she supported Donald Trump, who she accused of race-baiting.”

Of course Coondice capalized on her moment for clout and went live in response 8 hours ago to clear up what she called “nonsense” and said it was “ridiculous” that Cardi was offended and again said that “the truth” was that Cardi was “uneducated when it came to politics”. It’s interested how Candace attempts to bring up “education” every chance she gets when she herself has no degree.

It’s not the first time Cardi has been criticised for her political views, and we just wish people could get the memo. Being a female rapper who is confident in who they are and their sexuality, doesn’t exclude you from being politically educated or from having the right to express your views…especially considering they’re apparently perfectly fine with having an orange reality star as president. Thoughts?

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