IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Amber Rose Continues to Air Out Her “Narcissistic” Ex AE As He Laughs Off Cheating On Her with 12 Women Claiming It’s Just “His Nature”

I know most people make the mistake of choosing the wrong partner at some point, but for me, Amber Rose is like one of the original text book definitions of a “bad b*tch,” so I can’t wait to see her rise above this madness and find the happiness she deserves.

There was a time when fans couldn’t get enough of the romance between Amber Rose and Alexander “AE” Edwards. The pair have been together for years and welcomed a son, Slash, back in October 2019, and while we haven’t heard much from the couple in recent months, Rose returned with an explosive post about her beau earlier in the week that let us know quickly that all was not shiny in bald paradise.

According to the model mogul, Edwards has cheated on her with 12 women and she became so frustrated that she aired him out online. “All 12 of y’all bums (The ones that I know of there’s probably more) can have him. ‘all very much knew he was in a relationship with a baby and y’all decided to f*ck him anyway I saw all the texts and DM’s.”

Just a few hours passed before AE then surfaced with an admission to the accusations. “I mean, she texted me like, if I apologize publicly and all this sh*t, you know, she love me but I don’t want to keep doing that to her,” said Edwards as he spoke with two other men about his recent scandal. “I know that I could stop. I could give her a good, solid six months and just really like, deprive myself of my true nature for as long as I can take it but I don’t want to live like that.”

The host shifted the attention back to Rose and mentioned her Slut Walk advocacy, suggesting that she shouldn’t have aired out Edwards’s business. Edwards agreed, adding that Rose should just be angry with him and mentioned that she has accused him of changing around his friends. Edwards also admitted to gaslighting Rose and being narcissitic when she asked him questions about his infidelities.

Following that interview, Amber Rose to Instagram for the third time this week to discuss what went wrong in her crumbling relationship with AE. In her latest post, Amber accused AE of “gaslighting,” “stonewalling,” “deflecting,” and “projecting,” though she admits that she still has love for him.

“I wish it was easy to ‘fix him’ but that’s not for me to do. The pain cuts so deep especially when children are involved,” she wrote on her Instagram Story following a week of headlines. “I will always love him so much but I know I can’t heal him only he can do that.” While AE was reportedly cheating on her with multiple women, Rose explained that she’s still having a hard time letting him go. Take a look at it all for yourself below and let us know what you think.

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