IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Tamar Braxton Denies Being Abusive Towards Ex-Fiancé David Adefeso; Breaks Down What Led to Her Depression in Tell All Interview with Tamron Hall (WATCH)

Tamar began to choke up as she recalled how her ex-fiancé was once her “best friend.”

She promised that she was going to tell it all when she visited the Tamron Hall Show, AND Tamar Braxton is baring it all. The former Braxton Family Values star has been covered in controversy over the last few months after she allegedly attempted suicide over the summer and then immediately had troubles with her former fiancé, David Adefeso. We previously reported that Adefeso filed a restraining order against Tamar citing domestic violence, a move that stemmed from an alleged incident that was said to have occurred while they were both in his vehicle. He reportedly claims that he has evidence that Tamar was violent, but while speaking with Tamron Hall, Tamar said that’s just not true.

“I am a survivor of a domestic violence relationship and not at any point was David and I in an abusive relationship,” said Tamar. Tamron Hall questioned the rumors that Tamar videotaped the alleged incident that occurred inside of Adefeso’s vehicle. “I voice recorded it. He videotaped it. He has a camera in his car.” When asked if the video or audio recordings show any physical abuse, Tamar answered, “No, it doesn’t.”

Tamar Braxton was adamant that there’s no proof that any physical altercation occurred between the couple and even challenged Adefeso to “release it” if there was. “Let me tell you something Tamron, I loved David. He was my best friend,” Tamar said as her voice began to crack. “He was an amazing, amazing partner. He was my son’s best friend as well. They were best friends. And it’s just so hard.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Braxton also discussed the breakdown of her relationship with her family, largely based around the effects of the drama on their hit WETV show:

“I love my family. And I don’t want to fight with my family. And I want to be an example of a family who fights and argues and always have turmoil. And now we’re at the point where it’s assaults and threats. This is not the show that I created. I created the ‘Braxton Family Values’ because I wanted to be an example part of the Black community with five Black amazing sisters, with all different walks of life, who can inspire and help and people can learn from our experiences along the way. We wasn’t teaching anything but being devilish and I didn’t want to do that.”

She continued addressing the pressure of TV and having a hit show and clarifying that despite unfollowing all of her family on social media she still remains in contact with them:

“I’m not going to sit here and act like a complete victim. I played a part in that. I know what it’s like to keep up ratings and keep up having the number one show on a network and having all of those bells and whistles and that comes with a price. Sometimes you that comes with embarrassing your friends or embarrassing your siblings. I DON’T think I sold my soul [to keep the show on]. I DON’T think at the time I knew exactly what I was doing. I think that for the show and for my family we wanted to have a great show and sometimes that is making the deal with the devil and that is doing things that you wouldn’t normally do.”

“I talk to my mother every single day.” She continued, “Look, I love my sisters. I feel like I have what I want from them. I have their love. I know my family loves me…I know, everybody wants me to blame my family. When you sign up for something like this, and you have the kind of people behind the scenes that you have…”

Check out the clips from Tamar’s appearance on the Tamron Hall Show below. Thoughts on all of this?:

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