WHAT IN THE ‘ICY CHAIN’ IS GOING ON HERE?: Saweetie Sparks Dating Rumors with Lil Baby; But He Suggests She’s Just “Clout Chasing”

Seeing Little Ms ‘Twerk It for a Icy Chain’ being passed around by QC members wasn’t exactly on my 2021 Holiday bingo card, but alas…here we are.

We’ve seen it all too often. Girls jumping the gun thinking they’ll be claimed with these dues only end up with a shiny egg on their face. Rappers Lil Baby and Saweetie were mentioned in dating rumors last week week after they reportedly went on a shopping spree together, with Baby allegedly dropping $100,000 on the Icy Girl. The internet has been quick to react to signs of the possible couple, but it looks like everyone may have jumped the gun including Saweetie because, according to Baby, he’s still a free agent (at least as far as he wants the public to be concerned).

Taking to Twitter to clear the air on rumors linking him to Saweetie, Lil Baby told his followers that he’s not currently dating anybody. “Baby not dating NO ONE!! I’m Single!” wrote the rapper.

However, that Tweet was quickly dismissed by the internet when over the weekend, Saweetie hit the ‘Gram with a “photo dump” which included a photo of her sitting down on the lap of a mystery man. Internet sleuths quickly uncovered that Lil Baby was wearing an identical pair of shoes and similar pants in another photo, prompting further speculation that the My Turn artist and the “Icy Grl” rapper were indeed an item.

Just as fans started to put two-and-two together, others noticed that the rapper took down the tweets from a few days ago where he stated, “Baby not dating NO ONE!!” and Saweetie deleted her original photo dump before reuploading it with every photo used originally except the one in which she was straddling Baby. Of course with all of this drama, the internet is going to internet and SaweetieLil Baby quickly became top trends on Twitter, along with Quavo and Jayda Cheaves, the mother of Lil Baby’s youngest son, who both reacted to the potential rumors that their exes might’ve linked up. “Ain’t tripping we can swap it out #QCTheLabel,” Quavo wrote on his IG story.

On a far more subtle note, TheShadeRoom took notice that Jayda also liked Quavo’s post, as well. Then, Jayda took to her Instagram Story where she shared a screenshot of her name on the trending page on Twitter. “I ain’t even do [nun],” she wrote.

While the memes began pouring in, and social media chimed in on the entire situation, Baby seemingly accused y’all Icy Girl of using him for clout. “B*****s really be weird!!” He tweeted. “If you want clout use BABY,” he added in a separate tweet.

There’s no denying that it’s almost impossible to keep up with all the drama. While Saweetie has no problem soft launching her apparent situationship with Baby, he clearly wants to remain as a single man – to the eyes of the public, anyway.

Twitter users have been having a field day commenting on the situation, with many cracking hilarious jokes while others question why Saweetie would leave Quavo for his rumoured infidelity, only to partner up with Lil Baby, who realistically doesn’t have a much better track record. Take a look at the receipts and let us know what you think of all of this? Would you like to see these two actually becoming a thing? Was Saweetie trying to get some clout from Baby or was she just a little too hype to start showing off her potential boo?

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