TODAY ON AS THE FELON TURNS: Woman Claiming to Be Kenneth Petty’s Rape Victim Comes Forward Claiming Nicki Minaj Has Been Offering Hush Money in Attempt to Make it All Go Away

The fact that this even has to be a topic surrounding someone of Minaj’s stature…is absolutely disgusting.

Nicki Minaj has caught a lot of flack over the past two years over the direction she chose to go in her personal life. After the “Chun-Li” rapper decided to not only date, but marry and procreate with a serial convict, convicted rapist, and sex offender, Kenneth Petty, many were giving Minaj the side eye questioning if her standards were really as up to par as she’s always suggested in her music as a “queen.”

Aside from her strangely dedicated cult of fans (who seem to be willing to off their own mother before going “against” anything concerning Minaj) consistently coming up with excuses and alternative narratives to attempt to convince the public that Petty’s nasty past is ok, Minaj has also made her own attempts at erasing history. In late 2018, Minaj went as far as taking to her Queen Radio podcast to paint a version of Petty’s convicted rape story where she claimed it to have been a wrongful conviction in which his girlfriend at the time’s parents concocted the tale due to being against the couple’s relationship, a strange move considering the public police records tell the exact opposite of Lil Kenny’s rape with a sharp object.

At that time, a woman claiming to be the victim spoke out to a few outlets such as Youtuber Daytime Tea Time to denounce Minaj’s version of the tale, stating she had no right to speak on her story. Fast forward to current day and the same woman has once again come forward with a rather detailed Youtube upload of her own in which continues to share her story and battle with the Petty’s.

In the latest video, not only does the woman detail her story of what happened back on that tragic day, but also she also alleges that Minaj, Petty, and their team have been using tactics recently against her in effort to “make this go away.” She says not only did Minaj herself offer her 20k to write a letter stating it was all a lie for the courts, but that she and her family have been approached by goons multiple times as well.

Take a look at the video below along with a few detailed cliff notes for those unable to sit through the whole thing. What do you guys think of this mess?

she’s making the video because she’s living with the affects of the situation even though it was 26 years ago (1994)
– says she left her home on her way to school at john adams high school in queens new york.
– she met kenneth at the bus stop she was taking to school. She said they grew up in the same neighborhood and she knew him around.
– her mother and his mother ran the streets together. his uncle worked at the local tire shop on rockway boulevard
– he asked her where she was going and she said she was going to school and then she asked him the same question and he said he was going to school too
– she knew he was lying because he was a bum snd never knew him to go to school, a street guy, hanging out with street dudes and a drug dealer
– he forced her into his home and violated her
– she ran to school with cuts on her face and stomach
– she told officers what happened and made them take her to the house to show where he lived.
– he got arrested
– she went to the hospital and did a r@pe kit
– when she got home she was told “sorry you got r@ped, you should’ve screamed”
– she was living with a foster family at the time and they didn’t want any issues
– the foster family didnt want any issues so they listened to what kennys parents said.
– his parents went to her house and lied to the people who raised her that she was “dating” their son
– she was molested since the age of 4 and always said to be her fault
– in 2018 when he surfaced with nicki
– nicki made a post saying that kenneth and her (victim) were in a relationship and he was 15 and she was 16 and it was because of her mother charges was pressed
– she said thats a lie and she never lived or was raised by her mother
– kenny and her were both 16 and never in a relationship
– spoke to a blog about the situaition already (tea time with candance)
– she didnt speak about kenny but her story has already told so she didnt need to speak on him
– she spoke about what nicki said and how she was lying
– she said if she was going to love him just accept him and dont speak on something she has no knowlege about
-she never knew nicki or met her before
– in march of 2020, she got a call from a mutual friend from kenneth and her brother and said he can connect her to kenny and nicki and make it go away
– she thought the agreement was going to be that she she dont speak to nobody about them she wont speak to anybody about her
– the mutual offered 20k to write a letter to say she lied about kenneth assaulting her
– she didnt wanna do it
– nicki called her herself saying she got word about wanting to help them out with the situation
– she said her publicist joe would go to her home to meet with her to talk about the situation
– after the phone call with nicki, the only contact she had was with street goonz. somebody in her camp called ganks contacting family memebers, money was being offered
– the US marshalls tracked her down and heard that she was being harassed to retract her story
– she moved a lot since march 4x because of people approaching her children
– her daughter was at a club and a man approached her talking about he knows who she is and knows her mother so she must know who zoo is. She got afraid and ran
– she doesnt care about nicki and who she chooses to be with. she wants them to be happy but wants them and her lawyer to leave her alone
– because she chose to not take the money they offered they are gonna offer that money on her head.
– she doesnt know if its true but she was offered to be put in witness protection but it would take her far away from her family so she chose not to do that
– she still feels like shes defending herself and people telling her shes a liar and ruining kenneths life
– she says her life was ruined since she was 16 and now because of everything
– hes supposed to go to court in the new year and want her to come tesitfy
– their trying to get his sex offender status thrown out
– she wants all the women out there who are claiming shes white and lying is that she is not either those things and were never in a relationship

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