SOMEBODY COME LOOK AT THIS: Former Little Mix Singer Jesy Nelson is Being Accused of “Blackfishing” & Cultural Appropriation Following The Release of Her First Solo Single “Boyz” with Nicki Minaj

Well, it definitely isn’t the first time but Jesy is darker than Nicki in this video as she sings over a sample of a modern day hip hop classic.. so it’s really not surprising that her new release has reignited accusations that she’s out here “cosplaying as a black woman.”

Former Little Mix member Jesy Nelson has been making waves in public opinion ever since she announced her departure from the group last December. The star appears to be set on continuing to make headlines by collaborating on her debut single with Nicki Minaj, who has herself been the subject of a lot of controversy of late (but that’s a different topic for a differet day). Nelson cited her poor self-esteem and negative body image as her reasons for departing from the British girl band and has since declared that she has “never felt more like [herself].”

However, these types of comments especially have made Twitter users feel more than a little uncomfortable. It started with her more recent social media posts and release of a series of new stills that were previewing she and Minaj’s new track “Boyz.” Now, that the song has been released it has only increased the negative attention towards the new solo artist, with many accusing her of “black fishing” and it’s not the first time Nelson has been accused of being racially insensitive.

First, let’s talk about the single. “Boyz” samples Diddy’s Bad Boy classic “Bad Boy For Life” and Diddy even makes a cameo appearance in the music video. Nicki spins Bad Boy-centered bars on the track that include several artists from the label, which honestly perfectly complements the track’s production, however that’s pretty much the highlight as the beat has forever been grabbing but it just doesn’t seem to end up going anywhere on this particular song. On the track Jesy sings her preference for “bad boys,” and that didn’t escape the attention of people as well as many pointed out that most of her “bad boys” in the video seem to be black or mixed race. One person raised an eyebrow at this, writing, “So this is what she meant by ‘bad boy’ a whole load of black and mixed race men?” And another Twitter user simply decided to boycott the track, with Nelson’s ambiguous appearance being the last straw. They tweeted, “Okay but even blackfishing aside, she’s literally collaborating with Nicki who’s defending a rapist? Whole thing is trash. Throw it, not even in the bin, the incinerator.”

Despite the influx of controversy and negative attention that Nelson has so far attracted during her short time as a soloist, the Brit singer seems unfazed and is continuing to press on and apparently has a major push coming from her label to make her happen over here in the States. Take a look at the video for “Boyz” below and let us know if you’re feeling followed by some of social media’s reactions so you can let us know what you think about all this “blackfishing” talk. Is it a reach or hard facts?

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