AND I OOP!: Megan Thee Stallion Pops All the Way Off At Carl Crawford After He Prematurely Celebrates a “Win” in Her Case Against He & His Label 1501

Meg’s legal troubles with her label 1501, much like the on-going case with pint-sized rapper Tory Lanez sometimes seems like the song that never ends. Just when 1501 head Carl Crawford prematurely celebrated what apparently he and some others thought was a victory in the rappers case against the label, the Houston Hottie quickly jumped in to shut things down.

Earlier today, news surfaced that Megan Thee Stallion had reportedly filed a request to dismiss her ongoing lawsuit against her former label 1501 Certified Entertainment, CEO Carl Crawford and Rap-A-Lot Records founder J. Prince without prejudice. According to Ace Showbiz, the legal documents state, “Megan Pete hereby nonsuits all of the claims she has asserted in the above-captioned lawsuit against Defendants 1501 Certified Entertainment, LLC, Carl Crawford, and James Prince, without prejudice to the re-filing of the same.”

They continue, “Plaintiff’s claims concerning the release of her album ‘Suga’ on March 6, 2020 and the release of the feature track ‘Butter’ with BTS (Bangtan Boys) on August 27, 2021 have been resolved with the release of her music. As of the date of this filing, Pete is not waiving, and is expressly reserving all her audit rights pursuant to her contractual agreements with 1501 Certified Entertainment, LLC and other third-parties.”

Crawford reacted to the news on Tuesday (February 22) with an Instagram post that included a screenshot of the Ace Showbiz story and the caption, “Only the real [H] town can relate. Now tell em to run my bread dating all the way back from 2018.” He added an angry emoji at the end, suggesting he’s fuming over the amount of money he’s lost over the past four years. However, not long after, Meg stepped into the chat with a post of her own, making it clear that her issues with Carl and the label are far from over.

“This dude never know wtf is going on with his business,” Megan fired back before continuing, “The case that Was dismissed against you was from when you wasn’t trying to let me drop music … you and 300 signed off and let me drop music so there is no case no more… we are most definitely STILL IN COURT and YOU STILL GETTING SUED BC YOU OWE ME MONEY!!! I AINT NEVER BEEN PAID FROM 1501 IN MY LIFE ! I make money bc im MEGAN THEE STALLION ! Grown ass men wanna bully me and eat off my name and paint me out as a villain online bc they know these bandwagon a** haters gone eat that shit up ! I dont even be saying shit to you lame ass n****s bc the TRUTH always comes out.”

So for the unfamiliar, what Megan is basically saying is that she simply dismissed the case where 1501 was attempting to stop her from releasing music. She is however still persuing them for money she claims she’s been cheated out of. What are your thoughts on this mess? Peep the receipts below:

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