IS IT A MINI-UZI ON THE WAY?: The Internet Seems to Be Convinced that City Girl JT is Pregnant with Lil Uzi’s Little Baby

One thing the internet is going to do, is deem our female stars pregnant. Social media will see the slightest this bit of stomach bloating or even just a lady rocking oversize clothing and thus the pregnancy rumors began. Who’s the latest lady the net it putting a baby in? City Girl JT.

Could there be another City baby on the way? The internet seems to think JT may be eating for two now. The rapper has got fans talking that she is possibly pregnant with Lil Uzi Vert’s child following her recent appearance onstage and one of her latest social media posts.

The one-half of City Girls was spotted sporting what many assumed to be a baby bump when she performed with her groupmate Yung Miami over the weekend. In fan-taken footage of their show, the 28-year-old visibly had a fuller belly underneath her revealing blue jumpsuit that hugged her curves. Sharing the clip, one Twitter user remarked, okay JT pregnant.

Another fan found another alleged receipt of JT’s supposed pregnancy in her new Instagram Story. Posting a video of her look just before that same performance, flashing what looks like a morning sickness band.

The clip first focused on JT’s face before it panned out to capture her full body. Near the end of it, she posed with her hand, which didn’t hold the phone, up on the side of her body and eagle-eyed investigator fans noticed the suspicious-looking band among JT’s accessories and wrote over a screenshot of the clip, “@thegirlJT def pregnant! That’s the morning sickness band I hand when I was preggy.”

While neither JT nor Lil Uzi has confirmed that she is expecting a child, fans are convinced that she is indeed pregnant and her boyfriend Lil Uzi could be the father. “Oh She Having A Lil uzi,” one person remarked. Another commented, “If true Congrats . They gone have some fun size chocolate babies.” A third echoed, “they’ll have a cute baby.” Some others were not happy should JT be pregnant with Lil Uzi’s baby. “This is gonna sound harsh, but if she’s pregnant shes a fool! This man for lack of better terms has showed you who he is on more than one occasion, yet she brings a child into this buffoonery?” another weighed in. “Furthermore, why are the rap ladies so hard up to get pregnant by these bums?”

Others, meanwhile, were not convinced that JT is pregnant. “damn maybe she ate before the show mind yall bidness,” one argued. Another similarly claimed, “Naw she just a little bloated.” Someone else responded to the speculation, “Damn u ain’t allowed to have a pudge?” Take a look at the receipts and let us know what you think. Personally these types of rumors are always sticky for me beause I do think these women simply should have the opportunity to announce these types of things on their time. But.. the internet is gonna internet. Y’all think JT has a mini-Uzi on the way?

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