THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS: Cuban Doll Cries & Apologizes After Her Ex-Boyfriend Tadoe’s Current Boo Ari Leaks Her Sex Tape (VIDEO)

Cuban Doll has addressed the leaked sex tape of her and Tadoe, coming after his alleged ex Ari for releasing it.

Cuban Doll is very upset after a sex tape of her and her ex-boyfriend, rapper Tadoe, was leaked by a woman named Ari (no, not that Ari) who appears to be his ex. Cuban addressed the whole situation in tears on Instagram live, calling out Ari for doing her dirty.

“…call me every f*ckin’ day and tellin’ me what they seeing on the Internet. And that b*tch Ari, okay, you so happy you got a video of me and Tadoe f*ckin’ from last year on my birthday when I was drunk,” she says on live. “I don’t give a f*ck, it’s the fact that my nieces and nephews gotta see that sh*t. They gotta get on the Internet and see they auntie—you feel what I’m sayin’. That’s the only thing that I really care about, and my daddy, my family gotta see that.”

She goes on to say just how long Ari has been threatening to leak the X-rated footage. “The bitch has been holding the video over my head for about six months like, ‘Imma post the video, Imma post the video,’” Cuban reveals. “Okay, go ahead! I’ve been tellin’ the b*tch to post it. I don’t give a f*ck.”

Cuban then threatens to humiliate Ari as revenge. “A b*tch so lame, ‘cause you took the video out of Tadoe’s phone. Like congratulations, b*tch, you f*ckin’ played yourself,” she says. “Ari, you a lame ass b*tch, now we finna f*ckin’ post yo’ f*ckin’ dirty ass panties, b*tch, where you left yo f*ckin’ dirty panties at Tadoe’s house.”

However, she concludes the live by reiterating that her main concern is her family. “It’s the simple fact that my nieces and nephews gotta see that sh*t,” she says. She also posted some Instagram stories, apologizing to her family and summarizing the whole situation.

“To my family I’m sorry,” she wrote. “Yeah I’m mad becus I have nieces and nephews that look up to me. Only reason why I was crying like my poor baby got to see that yuno..? Other then that I don’t care, let’s mfn play all dayyyyy. And that Tadoe my n*gga ain’t no random ass n*gga got me on camera that’s so old & I was drunk as hell. But a b*tch took that video out his phone and been saving it for the longest…holding it over my head I been knew it was gone come out me & my team was well prepared for this…”

Although some have presumed that the Ari in question is Ari Fletcher, Moneybagg Yo’s girlfriend who has a child with G Herbo, Tadoe’s girlfriend is also a woman named Ari (although it is unclear if they’re still together). Ari and Cuban were already beefing over Tadoe, whom Cuban has accused of abusing her while they were dating, in December, and it looks like things have come to a boiling point with this sex tape leak.

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