SAY WHAT NOW?: Soulja Boy Reportedly Accused Of Viciously Beating & Tying Up Woman In Lawsuit

She claims she was left with fractured ribs and a facial contusion.

Young Draco seems to have been humbled after serving three months in jail last year. The often loud, flashy, and in-your-face rap star has been laying low since his release, and back in September 2019, his manager Miami Mike shared with TMZ that Soulja Boy was getting himself healthy and staying out of trouble. It was later announced that the rapper would be joining the Millennium Tour II, so it’s safe to say he’s been preparing for a show his fans won’t ever forget.

While things seem like Soulja Boy has been keeping his nose clean, a woman has stepped forward with a lawsuit. According to The Blast, an unidentified woman has made claims that the rapper viciously beat her over the head before she was sexually assaulted by someone else inside of his home. The Blast states that they’ve acquired the legal documents that detail the woman’s account of what allegedly happened at Soulja Boy’s Los Angeles residence.

The incident is said to have occurred in February 2019, a month before the rapper was arrested for violating his probation. The woman claims that she and Soulja Boy have known each other for the better part of four years, having an on-again-off-again romantic relationship. In February, the woman says she got into a physical fight with an unnamed woman who works for Soulja. The rapper came outside when he realized there was an altercation and “approached yelling profanities and kicked her, stomped her on the stomach and bashed her head with a large gun.”

The documents added that he “held the gun to her (the woman’s) head and told her she was going to die that night and would not make it home.” The alleged victim states she was “hurt so badly that she had trouble breathing.” If things were already bizarre enough, the woman claims that Soulja Boy ordered her to take a shower and watched her while she bathed. He allegedly “was not happy with how (the woman) looked after the shower and asked her to take a second shower because she still had mud and dirt on her from when (the rapper) beat her by his driveway.”

This story takes another turn as the alleged victim says Soulja Boy “instructed his assistant, to take her in the garage and tie her up with duct tape.” Then, the assistant apparently “wrapped an extension cord around (her) arms and took (her) into the garage.” People reportedly came and went through the house for hours and watched her sitting there.

A man at the scene reportedly told the alleged victim “that he would let her go if she performed oral sex on him” and she “felt she has no choice but to perform oral sex on him in order to escape the garage.” She states she was freed the following morning at 8:00 a.m. and went to file a police report before she was “taken to the hospital where she was told she had three fractured ribs and a facial contusion.”

She’s suing for an undisclosed amount, but is alleging assault and battery, false imprisonment, and sexual battery.

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