HOW YOU DOIN?: Wendy Williams Tells Reginae Carter She Needs to Leave YFN Lucci Following Murder Charge; He Also Gets Denied Bond Today (VIDEO)

Wendy Williams offers her two cents on YFN Lucci’s murder charges, urging Reginae Carter to distance herself from the rapper..

You can always count on Wendy Williams to share her opinion on anything pop culture-related and not hold anything back. With her biopic on the way, the talk show queen is getting right back to business to start the year, and that means she gets to stir the pot a little.

This week, Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci turned himself into authorities on murder, gang, and firearms charges. An alleged 911 call was released on Thursday morning, as well as the rapper’s mugshots. He’s facing a long time in prison if he’s convicted. Some people, including Wendy Williams, clearly aren’t too fond of the artist and think that those closest to him, like his girlfriend Reginae Carter, should begin to distance themselves from him. She spoke on Reginae giving out relationship advice on social media, which she doesn’t think is very valid because of her age, before touching on Lucci.

“We all around here, including the men here, were like, ‘who is she to tell us how to conduct ourselves?’ She’s only 21-years-old, like, we don’t want to hear advice from a 21-year-old privileged– and you are privileged, you know that– beautiful, enhanced… The whole world is yours,” complained Wendy. “Who are you to tell us about relationships? ‘I’m going through a divorce, I’m gonna call Reginae’.”

Her mocking tone switched as she urged the socialite to break up with YFN Lucci over his recent murder charge.

“Hopefully, you’re not gonna get back with him,” she said to Reginae. “First of all, it’s wrong because he has four kids and I know your dad [Lil Wayne] did a song with him, so what? Your dad’s in trouble himself. I know you know.” Take a look at the clip below. In other Lucci news, the rapper ttended his first court hearing for these charges on Thursday, where he was formally denied bond.

Attending a hearing via Zoom, YFN Lucci was represented by his attorney Drew Findling, who attempted to argue the rapper’s charges, especially the aggravated assault claim. Findling said during the call that Bennett was “in no way” a perpetrator of aggravated assault before the prosecutor revealed more alleged details of the crime, which would legally hold him liable.

“His role, specifically in the conduct that gave rise to the aggravated assault, and then subsequently the felony murder, which will include him allowing the occupants of his vehicle, him being the driver of the subject vehicle, to actually get out of the vehicle, fire multiple rounds, and then drive off with those occupants,” she argued. “Based on what the court has before it in the affidavits for all the warrants, there’s more than enough to continue on and to find probable cause of this juncture.”

YFN Lucci was denied bond and remains in police custody. This is not looking good for the rapper right now. Do you think that Reginae should break up with YFN Lucci?

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