HER BOY GOT A BOYFRIEND?: Blac Chyna Introduces Us to Her New Man & His Alleged Ex-Boyfriend Isn’t Having It – “I Guess We Sharing Now”

Over the years we’ve heard plenty of rappers use the “my girl got a girlfriend” lyric, is it possible y’all girl Blac Chyna may have been feeling inspired and let her boy have a boyfriend?

Once again, there’s a new man in Blac Chyna’s life and she’s taken to social media to publicly declare that he belongs to her (sort of). Dream Kardashian’s mother is known for her making her rounds with high-profile relationships, and on Friday (December 11), Chyna pulled a post-and-delete when she posted a photo of 23-year-old rapper Lil Twin, also known as Hector Macho. She wrote “Mines” with the photo, leaving the public to believe that the 32-year-old reality star was no longer on the market. The rapper is reportedly apart of Team Twin with his twin brother, rapper Twin Twin. It’s also rumored that Twin Twin is dating someone on her publicity team.

Now, while Chyna was taking to social media to declare Twin as “mine”…it turns out that man—later identified may have belonged to someone else very recently … because another man took to social media letting it be known that he and Lil Twin were in a relationship and Blac Chyna can have him if she wants him.

Taking to his IG stories, Lil Twin’s “ex” shared a screenshot of Blac Chyna’s post with the caption: “N***a so this why number blocked? Yea f**k you [Lil Twin].”

In another post, the ex—believed to be an artist named “Sola”—wrote: “He played his MF self period don’t MF play wit my emotional a** … Now you can have that sis.” He even tagged DaBaby’s baby mama Meme and compared their situations (FYI: DaBaby just went public with a new relationship with singer DaniLeigh). “Our n***as done chose up for them lightskin hoes,” he wrote, “but know we will paid … poppin … pretty.”

Sola also shared two screenshots from September of people who’d been viewing his IG stories and pointed out Blac Chyna: “She been watching me LOL making sure I’m not posting our n***a LMFAO … YOU SEEEEEEEE MEEEEEEEE [SPEAK UP] Blac Chyna! [clown emojis].”

Sola shared a screenshot from a text message thread with Lil Twin telling him that their relationship for two years was a “no strings attached” type of situation: “NSA for 2 years bitch please byeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!” “Imagine me lying about loving a n***a !!!!” he added in a separate post.

In another post, Sola accused Lil Twin of using Blac Chyna for money and fame.

“If y’all honestly think this is what I wanted [you’re] crazy I feel horrible [right now] as I should,” he wrote. “But I was mad cuz it wasn’t real wit her he only did that sh** for the money I was not okay wit that sh** period!!!!”

He added: “I”m already being quiet like a hush puppy but now you want me to watch you on TV and social media wit this girl? Ion think so.”

While Blac Chyna hasn’t addressed the controversy, she has since deleted the photo she posted. Meanwhile, Twin has shared some of Sola’s posts branding him a clout chaser. Take a look at the receipts below. What do you believe?

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