AND I OOP!: Angela Yee Dishes on She & Charlamagne Only Being Co-Workers & Nothing More Following Gucci Mane Drama – “It Is What it Is”

The two are co-workers and that’s it, apparently.

The relationship between The Breakfast Club co-hosts Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God may be on ice. The pair seemed to have been good friends over the years, but that was tested just months ago when Charlamagne sat down to interview Gucci Mane one-on-one. Years ago, Gucci alleged that Angela was trying to have sex with him, a claim that she adamantly denied. Last year Gucci returned with allegations that he was banned from The Breakfast Club because of Angela.

Charlamagne told him that he wasn’t, so the two chatted for a lengthy interview. In October, Angela told DJ Quicksilva that she believed Charlamagne should have supported her, especially because she believed Gucci disrespected her. The Lip Service host recently sat down with Variety to discuss her podcast, but the current status of her relationship with Charlamagne came up in conversation.
“We’ve always been the same. We work together, it is what it is,” Angela said when asked about the status of her friendship with Charlamagne. “Like he said, we’re co-workers. A lot of people have jobs where they don’t necessarily love the people they work with, it’s just a part of life. That’s not the person you’d hang out with in real life.”

She also revealed that the Gucci Mane situation wasn’t the first time that she and Charlamagne have had tensions. “There’s been a lot of experiences. The important thing is I’ve always been a responsible person. As a woman, too, you have to be a lot stronger,” she said. “Things are always happening that if you let it bother you, you’ll be mad all the time. It’s hard not to [take things personally]. It sucks because sometimes you feel so numb. You used to get so upset over things and feel so much, after a while shit keeps happening, you’re just numb to it now.”

The fact that they’re sometimes at odd makes things “interesting.” Angela added, “The way that I am: there’s certain things that I don’t agree with and I’m just never been the type of person… I was taught in radio: if somebody is talking, then you don’t talk over them. Sometimes, it’s hard to even speak. Sometimes being the only woman on the show, I have to always try to cut in…. Because I’m also the person who’s doing the research; watching the shows; reading the books. I’m always trying to get validity and points across. There’s not enough room for me to do that and express my feelings, you have to figure one or the other. When we do Rumor Report, I have the stories. When we do Front Page News, I’m presenting the stories. They’re jumping in with their opinions, but somebody has to present the stories. It doesn’t leave as much space for you to say ‘Ok, here’s what I think.’ I express myself a lot more outside of that show.”

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