I DON’T F*CK WITH YOU: Big Sean & Jhené Aiko Seek Restraining Order Against Obsessed Stan Who Attempted to Break Into Their Home

See, this is where ‘Stan’ culture gets scary. Some of these people eventually take their obsessions away from their phones and computers and attempt to get to their ‘faves’ in real life. Someone is seriously going to get hurt.

One of hip-hop’s favorite couples, Big Sean and Jhene Aiko, are in a quite the scary predicament. A report from TMZ says that the rapper and R&B singer are constantly being stalked by a random fan. A lot of celebrities and music stars deal with fans who tend to get a little too close for comfort. Usually, they react by questioning the stranger “What are you doing?”, getting irritably frustrated and telling them to back off, or often times security steps in. While all of these are fair ways to handle those types of situations… what do you do when they continue to take it too far?

These exchanges for Big Sean and Jhene Aiko have gone too far and they are looking to put an end to this. It is not only concerts this fan is going to, he is also sneaking onto their property! TMZ says that Jhene was the one to initiate the court to do something about these eerie occurrences. Jhene and Sean are seeking a temporary restraining order against him. What put this over the line, was the 29-year-old Ian Craig Lees making his way into the singer’s Pacific Palisades property.

In the petition, the narrative reads, “The clients are fearing for their lives, the suspect has come to concerts, events, and their personal home trying to make contact with them which led to a physical altercation with residential security and the suspect eventually breaching the security post.” “He was eventually caught on the client’s property after breaching the physical home,” the filing read. Per the court documents, the alleged stalker was charged with 1 count of stalking and 1 count of burglary.

According to jail records, obtained by the folks at RadarOnline, Lees was arrested on August 18 and has yet to be released. His bond was set at $150k. His next hearing date is scheduled for September 6. Furthermore, Jhene also states that Ian wants to make some sort of physical contact. Terrifying for sure, which is why both are looking for the courthouse to give protection. However, that will have to wait for now. The judge is waiting for the court hearing, which will take place on September 14 to give a firm ruling.

What are your initial thoughts on this situation between Big Sean, Jhene Aiko, and this fan? Do you think you could be a celebrity? Will this man receive any sort of jail time, or just have a restraining order set on him? I respect the hell out of them taking the court route because the minute this man showed up at my door that probably would have been his last scene and season.

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