IN HIS FEELINGS?: Social Media Debates After Drake Seemingly Throws Shade Megan Thee Stallion’s Way… AGAIN

A wise woman once said “when someone shows you who they are… believe them” and I feel like Drake has done a few questionable things at this point to let us know that he obviously isn’t the biggest fan of The Stallion.

Per usual, Twitter is having a debate. This time it’s centered around the assumption that Drake threw some shade Megan Thee Stallion’s way during one of his recent shows. In the clip, Drake takes time to stop his show and shout out his friend Megan who he says has been with him since the beginning. “I got to give a shout out to somebody in here. She’s been with me since the beginning of my career and her name is Megan. She’s been here with me since day one like real sh*t. She’s a H-Town legend shout out to Megan. Not that Meg, this Meg,” he said, while making a face that seemed almost disgusted at the thought that anyone would think he was talking about the other famous Meg from Houston (obviously Thee Stallion).

Of course, people think it was somewhat shady because after Drake and 21 Savage’s joint project ‘Her Loss’ dropped, social media also noticed a line from the new song “Circo Loco” seemed to take aim at Meg and her 2020 case with Tory Lanez — in Drake’s fellow Canadian was found guilty on charges related to shooting her. On the song, Drake raps, “This b*tch lie ‘bout getting shot, but she still a stallion.” Though Lil Yachty later attempted to clarify the on Drake’s behalf and denied the lyric referencing Megan at the time, that claim fell on mostly deaf ears as the timing was all too convenient… and why didn’t Drake clarify it himself?

Once this latest clip began to make it’s rounds on social media, users quickly reacted with some immediately taking it as shade with comments like, “Megan Thee Stallion lives rent free in sassy little Drake’s head.” and another chiming in saying, “Nah, what Drake did was weird he made your moment about Megan Thee Stallion lmao.” Others went on to defend the rapper claiming they didn’t see anything shady in him clarifying who he was speaking about.

The woman (Megan) that Drake shouted out actually spoke out about the situation not too long after the clip went viral. “y’all took a moment about ME and inserted your own narratives making it negative. WEIRD.” She added, “He was CLARIFYING for the slow ones in the back such as yourself. People don’t know who I am like that. They hear Megan & H-Town legend and clearly would think of her. It’s not a hard concept.”

While that’s all well and good, I think if there wasn’t any smoke there then there would have been a better way to clarify that he wasn’t speaking about Megan Thee Stallion.. that man’s face looked like he was disgusted. Giving very much “why would I be talking about HER?” Take a look for yourself and let us know your thoughts.

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