BOW DOWN, B*TCHES: Nicki Minaj Fans Are Acting a Fool on the Internet Again Because LisaRaye Reminded Them Lil’ Kim Paved the Way – “Just Take a Bow”

LisaRaye McCoy recently weighed in on the conversation about Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj, and per usual a war has started via social media.

If you thought we’d settled this whole Lil Kim influencing Nicki Minaj debate long ago, you’re highly mistaken. Recently, Usher got caught up in the wrath of the Barbz after he told Swizz Beatz that a Verzuz battle between Nicki and Kim wouldn’t work because the Queens rapper is a “product” of the Brooklyn emcee. Per usual, anytime anyone states an opinion about Nicki Minaj, her fans have aneurysms and start flooding with unicorns, rainbows, and random insults as if that’s supposed to change anyone’s mind. Now, LisaRaye McCoy has found herself to be the target of irate fans.

While speaking about Usher’s comments on Out Loud with Claudia Jordan, LisaRaye praised Kim for her contributions to the rap game. After Claudia Jordan clarified that Usher didn’t say anything negative about Nicki Minaj, LisaRaye chimed in. “We can all stand together queens and we can all say that all of us are acknowledging the fact that Kim came before Nicki Minaj,” LisaRaye said. “So Nicki, just take a seat. You don’t have to sit down for long, but just take a bow. Just like Beyoncé said, ‘Bow down b*tches.”

As you can imagine, the actress’s comments elicited a bevy of responses and mixed reactions. What’s your take on this whole thing? I don’t think anyone who’s above the age of 21 is going to act like Lil Kim didn’t pave the way for Minaj and the female rap game as a whole. What’s interesting is many are forgetting why Usher made that comment. It was done is response to it being suggested that Minaj would be a suitable battle for the legend that is Kim. He stated that Nicki is a product of Kim, not discounting her own talent, but making it clear that she simply isn’t a peer of Lil’ Kim as Kim was obviously a major influence and not even from the same era. Rather than attempting to battle her, Minaj would simply need to pay respect to an icon of Kim’s stature. But you know, we live in an age where if you state truth you’re a “hater,” so just take a look at the debate below. Thoughts?

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LisaRaye is being attacked and “dragged” on Twitter by the ever so dumb and delusional Nicki Minaj fans, simply because she agreed with Usher that Kim paved the way for Nicki. And let me add that it wasn’t just Nicki. Lil Kim helped pave the way for female rappers to not only speak sexually like men, but be confident and own it when they do! ———————— Nicki doesnt have to bow to anyone, it’s true, I’ve stated that many times, and up and commers DONT HAVE TO BOW TO HER EITHER. Nicki really hasnt done anything iconic or worth being honored for TO ME. However, I will admit that she is an amazing artist and she needs to stop addressing people and her fans need to accept the fact that she didnt create the female rap genre on her own. It was here before her (Lil Kim, Missy, Foxxy, Roxanne, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah) and it’ll be here when shes gone. ————————— Don’t @ me though. #celebrities #celebritynews #supa #louleagea #somelikeithaute #louisianablogger #teonnyspears #thecrayoncase #bbjudy #toykovanity #JessecaDupart #darealbbjudy #dabrat #sosodef #jermainedupri #lisaraye #lisarayemccoy #claudiajordan #outloud #vivicaafox #vivicafox #syleenajohnson #lilkim #lilkimthequeenbee #nickiminaj #nicki #usher #queenlatifah #barbz #kenbarbz

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