BECAUSE WHO WOULD DARE DENY BEYONCÉ?: J. Prince Congratulates Megan Thee Stallion on Beyoncé “Savage” Remix Despite Label Issues; Actually Had to Sign Off On it

J. Prince reportedly had to sign off on Megan Thee Stallion’s big remix of “Savage” with Beyoncé.

Assuming you were on the internet yesterday, because where else would you be/what else would you be doing, you saw that Megan Thee Stallion released a massive “Savage” remix that featured rapping Beyoncé. Rapping Beyoncé is always exciting, and she came through once again with fire bars that are already circulating social media heavily and will be used as Instagram captions for months to come. Basically taking over the song and claiming it hers because well… it’s the Queen Bey.

Now some more information as to how this remix was pulled off is being revealed. Megan Thee Stallion has been embroiled in label issues, which could hypothetically cause an issue for any music she wants to release at the moment– but she managed to get her label, 1501 Certified Entertainment, on board with this remix. Part of the reason she’s able to release music now is also the fact that she won a restraining order against the label.

Recently, she made a small triumph in the legal battle with her label, as the judge affirmed that their issues would not be relegated to arbitration, meaning, outside of a courtroom, despite language in her contract with 1501 that would make it so. This means, she’ll be heading to trial with the label.

Now, to get to the song at hand and J. Prince’s role. J. Prince’s name was among those in Megan’s lawsuit, and the industry vet previously replied as to why that’s the case, and explained that major labels (such as Roc Nation, as is the case in Megan’s situation), often poach from independent labels like 1501. He was adamant that Megan signed a good contract with 1501.

J. Prince, who acts as a consultant for 1501, apparently was the one who had to sign off on the remix, because all the profits of the record are going to charity. Thus, the label had to forfeit their royalties and profits from the song. Sources at 1501 label say that the move was done “in unity” to support Houston during this time, but nonetheless, the lawsuit is still very much underway.

J. Prince, for his part, shared a positive message about the collab coming to fruition on his IG page, writing:

“Big Respect to @1501_certified_ent @300ent Jay Z @beyonce and Megan @theestallion . In spite of lawsuits that are taking place, we all have come together on one accord for the purpose of helping those in need during this pandemic, by contributing proceeds from the Savage Remix featuring Beyoncé to The Bread of Life Charity. This is how I love to see the powers of H-Town, United, at its best! Texas Stand up!”

Nonetheless, we can all be grateful for the label’s release of the “Savage” remix. The profits from the record will be donated to Bread of Life’s COVID-19 relief efforts in Houston.

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