YOU’VE GOT TO PLAY TO WIN: Mimi Faust Says She Took a $150,000 Pay Cut on “Love & Hip Hop” Due to Not Bringing Enough Drama

“Love and Hip Hop” star Mimi Faust took a major pay cut due to lack of drama in her storyline.

Mimi Faust from Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta has been in a thriving, nontoxic relationship. Unfortunately a lack of drama on Love and Hip Hop is never good. Faust’s new well-adjusted lifestyle has led to a major pay cut.

Due to the coronavirus, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta is currently on production hiatus, but veteran reality star Mimi Faust brought something to the viewers’ attention. Faust revealed on the Love Rants Youtube series that she had to take a pay cut because her storyline lacked “drama”.

It is no secret that there was a point when Mimi’s life had enough drama to essentially carry the show. To give some background, Mimi was introduced to Love and Hip Hop as the girlfriend of producer Stevie J. The two also share a child together. The love triangle started with Joseline Hernandez, who was quickly identified as Stevie J’s side chick. The drama carried on episode after episode.

Faust has since moved on to a healthy relationship with Ty Young and is co-parenting with Stevie J. Faust’s current situation has not produced much drama and consequently is not entertaining enough for Love and Hip Hop producers, who allegedly cut her salary by $150,000.

“They want to see wigs flying and drinks thrown and somebody punching somebody in the face,” Faust explained. “That’s what they want to see. And unfortunately, I choose not to participate in that and I’ve had to take a major pay cut because of it. The reason was, I didn’t have enough ‘drama’ in my life. $150,000 I had to take because of it. $150,000 pay cut,” said the reality star.

Faust is unapologetic about leading a happy, drama-free life: “On my last interview, because you know, every season, we have to go back and talk to the producers and they’re like, ‘So what’s going on in your life? X, Y, and Z.’ And I think the second question I was asked was, was Ty cheating on me,” Faust added. “Am I supposed to be f*cked up, in a bad place, being cheated on my whole life?”

What do you think about Mimi’s pay cut? Was she really not entertaining? Do you still want to see her on the show?

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This Wednesday I had the pleasure of having my sister friend Mimi Faust @mimifaust as a guest on my show Love Rants on @getvokl . In our discussion around the topic, “Becoming Mimi Faust: Healed & Happy In My Own Skin” I’m so happy she spoke about her courage to standing up for her happiness. Ladies take note! Don’t let ANYONE… even a job steal your joy and happiness. She speaks candidly to me on saying NO to a fake storyline and as a result taking a $150K paycut all in the name of LOVE! Trust me you want to watch this clip! Tune into my show Love Rants every Wednesday at 8pm on Get Vokl https://Bit.ly/stacii getvokl #love #businesswoman #advice #MimiFaust #motivationalspeaker #corona #covid #femalemotivation #coronamemes #instagram #facebook #lifecoach #podcast #womenwholead. #staciijae #staciijaejohnson #justdategirl #men #essencemagazine #bet #corona #covid #covid19 #relationships

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