YOU PROMISE?: Azealia Banks Claims She’s Done & Retiring from Music – “I Really Can’t Allow Y’all To Keep Throwing Me with Iggy’s & Tinashe’s”

Is Azealia Banks really retiring or is she pulling a Nicki Minaj…again?

Azealia Banks wears one of many hats. To much of the general public, Banks is a for her foul mouth, chicken sacrificing antics, and hating on her peers, but a “working recording artist” is no longer one of them as she claims to be done with music.

According to Banks, people are more interested in her drama than her music. While that may be true (and mostly her own fault) her primary reasoning for the alleged retirement is a bit more of a stretch. The “Broke with Expensive Taste” rapper feels that the ideas she has and continues to develop as an independent artist are often mimicked by other artists and their teams in effort to add a certain “edge” or character.

After somehow tying her reason for leaving in to primarily affecting “the gays,” as she referred to fans, she also shared that she is “offended” by the fact that she is compared to entertainers like Iggy Azalea and Tinashe who, as far as she sees it, are beneath her in terms of talent and innovation.

Considering this is Azealia Banks, we’re not holding our breath on this rap retirement actually sticking especially since she’s claimed the same thing most recently back in June of this year before deleting all of those messages and continuing to promote music as normal. Take a look at what Azealia had to say below. Would you be sad to see her go?

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