YIKES!: Nicki Minaj’s European Tour is Reportedly in Crisis Mode As Ticket Sales Suffer – “Not A Single Show Has Sold Out”

Nicki Minaj’s ticket sales are apparently even more painful than that shoe she would’ve took to the head during the scuffle she had with Cardi B during their shoe-throwing row in September.

The rapper opened Sunday night’s MTV European Music Awards in Spain — but the performance was a last-ditch attempt to sell seats for her European tour, according to the folks over at Daily Mail.

Her 22-date tour is due to kick off in Munich, Germany, in February but it is in crisis with not a single date having yet sold out.

The string of shows was announced in June and will see her co-headline with rapper Future, but even that has failed to prompt sales.

A music insider said: “Nicki is a big name in the industry but she is becoming known more for the drama around what she says and does rather than her music.

“Her feud with Cardi B has turned a lot of people off her and even getting Future involved in the tour hasn’t shifted tickets.”

“Thousands and thousands of tickets for her show remain unsold and it’s just not good at all, especially as she already had to postpone her US dates earlier this year because her album wasn’t ready,” they continued.

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