YEEZUS WALKS?: Kanye West Finally Returns to Instagram to Wish Kim Kardashian a Happy Valentine’s Day

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It’s been a long time, he shouldn’t have left us. But he did. And now he’s back, to a degree. If this doesn’t signal the approach of Yeezy season, I don’t know what does. Last sumemr, Kanye subjected himself to a self-imposed exile from both Instagram and Twitter, purging the former and deleting the latter entirely. Now, his long-dormant account has shown signs of life, with Kanye’s first post in months. Granted, it is Kardashian adjacent, but is it really a surprise that the unofficial celebration of love was enough to wake Kanye from his hibernation?

The post is simple. A page with a simple message etched in clear black font. “Happy Valentines Day Babe.” A proclamation of love to wife Kim Kardashian is the likely scenario. Although let’s be honest, this has all the makings of a roll-out. We’re not new to this. When it comes to his artistry, Kanye only moves methodical. There has to be a greater significance to this post; as sweet as it may be in sentiment, we as fans are eager for table scraps at this point.

Either way, the social media game is a better place with Kanye West in it. For that, we’re grateful. Hopefully this increased activity signifies that Kanye is entering some sort of “mode,” be it promotional, album, beast, et cetera. Yeezy season approaching? Seems likely. Are you glad to see Ye back?

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