TROUBLE IN PARADISE: Evelyn Lozada and Carl Crawford are Reportedly on the Rocks Over Prenup Dispute

After a pretty rocky four-year relationship between Evelyn Lozada and Carl Crawford, it may really be over now.

According to TheShadeRoom, the previously engaged couple aren’t together anymore and have been separated for a while. It seems that Lozada’s ball-playing boo still doesn’t agree with the terms of a prenup.

You’ll remember that Crawford proposed to Lozada back in 2013 and planned on getting married the following year. Well that’s kind of been off for a while, however reports stated that the couple still remained together.

According to a source from the outlet, the couple is spending less and less time together and have even gone on separate vacations specifically excluding one another.

The last time the couple was reportedly seen together was at their son Leo’s birthday party back in March.
Nothing is confirmed as of now, but things aren’t looking good for this union.

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