THE CLOUT CHASE MAY SOON BE OVER: Cardi B Demands Youtube Blogger’s $1M Money Grab Lawsuit Over Alleged “Threats” To Be Tossed

Someone should probably tell Tasha K that calling someone “h*e” or “dumb ass b*tch” is name-calling, not defamation.

Now, we’ve all heard Cardi B’s song, “Press” and needless to say, the Brox sensation doesn’t exactly have need for any additional headlines featuring her name. Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad and sometimes, the media can be a downside to fame. Cardi’s not wrong in her disdain towards bloggers especially after two relatively popular YouTube personalities made some serious allegations against the rapper without providing any proof to back there claims. One of the bloggers, Latasha K, filed a countersuit against Cardi on claims that she received gang-related threats after the rapper put her on blast. But Cardi argues that this is nothing more than an attempt for a bit of clout.

The Blast reports Cardi requested the judge toss out the entire countersuit filed by Latasha K because it’s simply “a transparent attempt to garner media attention and retaliate against” her. She also shut down Latasha’s claims that she defamed her on social media. Cardi detailed that calling Latasha a “h*e” or a “dumb a*s bitch” doesn’t constitute as defamation but rather, name-calling. Cardi not only wants Latasha’s case tossed but she also wants her own case against the blogger to continue…in which K made numerous claims against the rapper, even accusing her of drug use and making disgusting references about her child.

Latasha accused Cardi B’s actions on social media to cause her severe emotional and financial distress. She claims that because of said posts, she lost subscribers and advertisers and also suffered from anxiety, stress, insomnia and more… although she still continues to post scathing claps at the rapper to this day. Ironic. What do you guys think of all of this?

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