TALK TO ‘EM!: Cardi B Claps Back At Plastic Surgery Body Shamers – “Y’all Talkin’ Under These B*tches Bodies Because Y’all Want it or What?” (VIDEO)

Who really looks at plastic surgery as taboo in 2019 anyway?

As we know Cardi B isn’t the one to bite her tongue for anyone. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that she had a strong response for those that recently came for her without being sent for. Plastic surgery detractors, particularly those who actively talk public shit about the practice despite the fact that it literally doesn’t affect anyone other than the person undergoing said surgery, received some sound advice from the Bronx bombshell over the weekend.

“Women talk about uplifting each other, but are we really uplifting each other?” Cardi asked her followers before pointing out what she considers to be hypocrisy among those who are staunchly anti-surgery and/or those who are leaving negative comments on related posts for some other reason.

“I don’t like talking shit about a bitch’s body because I remember the struggle, baby,” Cardi, who’s currently garnering strong reviews for her film debut in Lorene Scafaria’s Hustlers, said. “I remember when I didn’t have no motherfuckin’ titties and I remember when I had a fun-sized ass. I only come at people about they body when they talking shit about me, but let me tell you motherfuckers something.”

Cardi then stressed the importance of self-confidence, wondering to her followers whether these detractors are wanting to emulate those they target or if they’re just generally hating. Among those hateful comments, she noted, are those in which someone’s body is described by “natural bitches” as being “fake.”

“If you confident in yourself, you don’t gotta be under the next bitch’s comments talking about her body . . . Y’all talking shit under these bitches’ bodies because y’all want it or what? ‘Cause it sounds like you hatin’,” she said.

I’ve always thought the attempt to use plastic surgery as an insult was totally lame. When you think it about it, if a person isn’t satisfied with a particular part of their own body, and they have the means to fix it safely, what harm is that doing to anyon else? Also how is that supposed to be insulting if they’re open about it as opposed to hiding? What do you guys think? Peep Cardi’s video below:

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