STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM: Cardi B Calls Out a Double Standard Concerning Street Life & Hip Hop – “I’m A B*tch From The Streets!”

Cardi B challenges an overlooked double standard in the hip hop community.

Cardi B’s name enjoyed a rather eventful weekend courtesy of social media. It all began on Saturday evening when trolls (who mostly consisted of fan pages of another female rapper, per usual) began posting videos of Cardi prior to her come up in effort to challenge her character. It appears those haters didn’t necessarily think through their efforts as the posts they were using were videos previously posted by Cardi herself as they were happening, so the expectation that anything was being “exposed” seems severely flawed.

By dinner time, it seemed Cardi had enough and took to Instagram Live to silence those lambs.

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Cardi tired of y’all n*ggas fr fr

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She talked about the shady things she did in her previous life to survive, labeling herself “a B*tch that came from the Streets.”

The very next day, Cardi switched her attention to Twitter, encircling a smart point by one of her fans who insisted, “Y’all was all for Cardi B making it to LHH, but now she big big y’all stay on her heels for literally nothing.”

“Don’t come harrasing me on my page and when I reply back ya get upset .GTFOH! If you not BARDIGANG then why the fuck you here ?” Cardi followed with another tweet.

Through it all, Cardi managed to expose a double standard concerning issues of class, sex, and race, by using herself as the example. We consistently see male rappers talk about their previous struggles in their life prior to fame, however when a young woman such as Cardi who we witnessed come up every step of the way, it’s interesting that people seem to think that her past invalidates her or makes her less deserving, when really the story of overcoming struggle and your former self has always been something celebrated in hip hop.

I think it speaks volumes that most of Cardi’s naysayers who challenge her in every situation are avid fans of another female rapper. Further pushing the logic many seem to have as if there isn’t more than one woman allowed to be successful. What do you guys think?

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