BUT DOES SHE HAVE A POINT?: ‘Insecure’ Actress Amanda Seales Under Fire for Tweeting: “If you’re buying Jordans but don’t have a PASSPORT, YOU’RE LOSING”

Comedian and actress Amanda Seales ruffled a few feathers Monday morning (Oct. 9)when she took to Twitter to discuss what she defines as “losing.”

“If you’re buying Jordans and Nike Suits but you don’t have a PASSPORT, YOU’RE LOSING,” she tweeted.

Seales’ comments seamed to merit an amen from a few, but the rest of Twitter felt as though the Insecure actress was telling people how to spend their money.

Seales, already a clap-back queen, noted the angry response to her tweets wouldn’t be the case if what she said was being said by a man, noting Jay-Z in particular.

After going back and forth with a few folks, Seales reiterated what she tried to get across the first go round.

What do you guys think? Was Ms. Seales speaking a harsh truth? If you’re buying expensive shoes and living on a air mattress are your priorities backwards? Or should Amanda Seasles not count anyone’s coins or police what people do with their coins?

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