SHUT UP EDDIE WINSLOW: Darius McCrary Calls Sexual Abuse Victims “Thirsty” For Speaking Out

Darius McCary is defending his “magnificent and kind” friend Charlie Sheen amid accusation of pedophilia. Earlier in the week, a National Enquirer report claimed that Sheen raped a then 13-year-old Corey Haim on the set of the ‘80s film Lucas.

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter Sheen, who would’ve been 19 at the time, “categorically” denied the claims made by one of Haim’s friends. Haim died in 2010, but his mother also says the allegations are untrue.

When TMZ asked the Family Matters actor for his opinion on the subject, he quickly praised Sheen, and called accusers “thirsty” for speaking out.

“People who are thirsty are looking for a way to get into the media and Charlie Sheen will make you famous,” he said adding that Sheen is “teflon” and has been dealing with the accusations “like a champ.”

Ironically enough, McCary admitted that he was touched inappropriately by a Hollywood executive as a young man, but he won’t be naming names because he’s not “thirsty.”

Peep McCrary’s full rationale in the video below.

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