SEE WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS: Safaree Finally Clears the Air on Ghostwriting for Nicki Minaj

In the past, Safaree Samuels seemed to make some pretty clear with hints that suggested he ghostwrote for Nicki Minaj during their 11-year relationship. In fact, he even stated the following via Instagram just last year in reference to being compensated for his services:

“It’s crazy you can come somewhere and see your work and you know that you ain’t get a damn thing for it,” he said while looking at a double platinum plaque for the album. “Crooked ass niggas.”

“It was a collaborative effort,” Safaree explained. “She doesn’t sit there and do absolutely nothing. I definitely was a helping force that had to do with creating music.”

Recently, Safaree decided to speak on the subject of he and Nicki’s creative process, once again. Safaree was a guest on the Easily Offended Podcast with Itsbizkit, Murda Mook, and Movie Matt. During the interview, Safaree mentioned that there were songs that he and Nicki had written together, and his name was left off of a few. However, when asked if he has ever written any whole entire verses or songs for Nicki. His answer was simple, “No.”

Safaree managed to maneuver through the interview with showing nothing but respect for Nicki Minaj, and even admitted that he wishes that he could still be a part of the creative process when it comes to her music. Check out a clip of the conversation below:

This doesn’t rule out Safaree helping Nicki sharpen up her bars, he obviously admitted that. But, as the interviewer points out, most rappers have that type of casual help and it doesn’t necessarily result in credits or cash. What do you guys think? Does this change your opinion on the long rumored claims that Safaree was behind Nicki’s pen?

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