SAY WHAT NOW?: R. Kelly Accuser Claims She Was Forced Into “Talking Like A Little Girl”

Asante McGee spared no detail in exposing R. Kelly in her NBC editorial.

R. Kelly accuser Asante McGee detailed his abusive behaviors towards in a tell-all editorial piece published by NBC News this afternoon. Within her exposé, McGee elucidated the abuse in several definable categories: their domestic life, the sexual transgressions, and most unique to her transcripts, Kelly’s infantilizing language, placing her in the same regard as the children he allegedly molested within the same quarters. The following excerpt from the editorial perfectly illustrates her point.

“I also never had any idea that he really liked minors; I was not a teenager, I was nowhere near a teenager. The only small red flag was that, when we were together, he always wanted me to talk like a little girl,” she confessed. “He would tell me what to say, I would repeat it, and he would keep telling me “No. Do it different, do it a little softer,” until I got to the voice that he wanted. I thought it was odd, but then I thought that maybe it was just a role play for him.”

Later on in the piece, McGee would admit to several keynotes that would help her come to her senses over his charismatic authority. She says her breaking point occurred when R. Kelly forcibly locked her in a van for hours, a moment of recognition tying her narrative with those of accusers outlining a dungeon of locked chambers built into his Atlanta and Chicago homes.

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