SAY WHAT NOW?: “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Star Scrapp DeLeon Reveals He’s Interested in Polgyamy – “I Want Multiple Wives” (VIDEO)

For now, he’s enjoying his freedom.

It was a VH1 reality stars reunion on the latest episode of Brunch with Tiffany as Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Scrapp DeLeon appeared as a guest. The show is hosted by Flavor of Love alum Tiffany “HBIC” Pollard, and during their talk, the pair focused much of their conversation on matters of the heart. Tiffany was curious as to how Scrapp felt about his romances being played out for the world, specifically those with Tommie Lee and Tiarra, the mother of his son.

“Some people act different when the camera is on and when cameras is off,” he said. “Me, personally, I was the same the whole way throughout the ordeal, but people change.” He added that social media makes things worse because there are so many people both watching and adding their two cents when it’s none of their business.

Tiffany was also curious if Scrapp wanted to settle down, and the reality star revealed that he would love it, adding that he’s interested in polygamy. At the moment, he’s enjoying his “freedom right now” following his stint in prison, but said, “to be honest, I want to have multiple wives.” It isn’t a lifestyle for everyone, and although New York supported his decision, she won’t be adding her name to the least as one of his wives. He also chatted about his music, the craziest thing anyone has ever asked him, and what it’s like being Muslim. Watch it all go down below. Would you be down to join Scrapp’s list of wives?

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