SAY WHAT NOW?: Dennis Rodman Says Madonna Offered Him $20 Million To Get Her Pregnant (VIDEO)

“She asked me that if I got her pregnant she’d pay me $20 million,” Rodman said.

Dennis Rodman was a guest this morning on The Breakfast Club, where he talked about everything from his NBA career & past locker room stories to Donald Trump & his bad boy image over the years. However one of the biggest stories from their 46-minute chat was the story of his past relationship with Madonna, which according to Dennis almost ended with a baby in the picture.
After telling a story about how Madonna flew him out in a G5 private plane from Vegas to NYC just to sleep with her, Dennis went into another story about how Madonna offered him $20 million to get her pregnant. However, Rodman says there was only one catch, and that was that the baby had to be born for him to collect that money.

“She asked me that if I got her pregnant she’d pay me $20 million… that’s if the baby was born,” he added.

Continuing on, Rodman says he doesn’t think he’s the only guy Madonna made the offer to, claiming that her pregnancy (and child) with Carlos Leon might’ve been a similar arrangement. Nevertheless, she got her child after all.

Watch that and more wild stories in the full interview (below) and hear the Madonna baby talk around the 11:47 mark.

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#PRESSPLAY about his relationship with Madonna back in 1993, explaining how the pop star allegedly offered him $20 million to “get her pregnant.” He even recalled how he once flew from Las Vegas to New York City just to have sex with her while she was ovulating. “I tried [to get Madonna pregnant],” Dennis admitted at the 11:44 mark. “I was rolling the dice in Vegas and she [was] in New York and she calls … so I say ‘hold the dice.’ I [pick up] the call and she says, ‘Dennis, I’m ovulating.’ And I say, “What? You’re ovulating? What is that?’ I was trying to f**k with her. And she was like ‘you know, ovulating.’ So I say ‘Okay, great. I’ll be there in five hours.'” “So, I put the dice down and told them to ‘hold the table,'” he continued. “She sent a plane for me — a G5 — and I went to the airport, flew to [New York], went over to her house, did my thing, went back on the plane, got back, they held the table and I started playing dice again… That’s a true story!” 🎥 @breakfastclubam #respeckmygossip #Respeckymygossip #DennisRodman #madonna #BreakfastClub #BreakfastClubam #sportsnews #theshaderoom #blackentertainment #blogs #DonaldTrump #hottopics #kissandtell #entertainment #entertainmentnews #charlamagnethagod #angelayee #likeavirgin #materialgirl #likeaprayer

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