SAY WHAT NOW? LHHATL’s Tommie Lee Kicked Off of a Delta Flight for Bringing Alcohol on the Plane?! (VIDEO) + Allegedly Fired from Love & Hip Hop?

Per usual, ‘Love & Hip’ star Tommie Lee may have found herself in some hot water. Lee was kicked off a Delta flight in Atlanta on May 10. And, alcohol allegedly played a factor. She reportedly received a warning before she entered the flight, but allegedly refused to listen. It is being reported that Tommie had alcohol in her possession when she was removed.

Tommie reportedly had a wine glass in her hand when she boarded the flight to Miami. One eye witness claimed that she was even asked to leave the wine glass behind in the terminal, upon entering the plane. However, she reportedly snuck on to the flight with the glass in hand. Watch security escort Tommie off the plane below:

Security personnel and flight attendants reportedly approached Tommie before the plane took off, according to witnesses. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star allegedly spoke with the Delta employees for about 10 minutes. And, during that time, she was reportedly calm and exited the plane without any issues. Tommie’s incident reportedly delayed flight 1949 for 34 minutes.

Although it’s been rumored that she was drunk on the flight, a rep for Tommie Lee told TMZ that she was not intoxicated. In fact, her behavior stemmed from something personal. Her rep said that she was kicked off the Delta flight for crying over a friend’s recent death. However, that seems like an oddly insensitive reason to be kicked off of a flight. Then again, odd behavior on aircrafts has been a sad trend in the news recently [hence, Dr. Dao a few weeks back)

This shocking report came after Tommie was allegedly given the boot from L&HH some time in late March or Early April. Producers on the show reportedly had a hard time controlling her temper, which allegedly caused her to turn violent.

Although producers love her because she’s so entertaining, it may have gotten too crazy for them to handle. However, her alleged removal from the show is still just a rumor, at the moment. And, we learned that although Tommie knows she’s on thin ice, she’s telling friends that she’s not going anywhere. More on the story as it comes in!

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