THE DOOR IS CLOSED: Kandi Burruss’ New Reality Show May Have Just Been Cancelled Due to Marlo Hampton Being a “Diva”

Well, we were actually all prepared to tell you all about Kandi Burruss working on a new reality tv show project starring Marlo Hampton. The proposed reality show actually seemed fairly interesting…. But apparently, it’s not happening.

According to theJasmineBrand, sources close to the show have confirmed that the idea has been axed. The show wwas set to be called Haute Lanta, has been taken off the shelf because, according to sources, Marlo was the reason for the reason they threw the show away.

The source revealed, “She had too many demands and she wasn’t willing to budge. She has some star power, but for a new show, there’s to much of a budget. Marlo wanted too much.”

According to the source, Marlo Hampton wanted things like “first-class flights” and she was just too difficult to work with.

Others have claimed that Bravo might not have been on board with the project because it would mean that Marlo Hampton would have to leave the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” to go to We TV.

There are also reports that Marlo would have been joined by “Project Runway” alum Ken Laurence, “The Fashion Show” star Reco Chapple, celebrity blogger Funky Dineva and Kontrol editor Julian Clark.

The show was supposed to begin in July. But it’s a wrap for that right now. This does bring me to the question of why can’t they just move on without Marlo? Is she really that big of a draw? What do you guys think?

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