IS THAT WHAT WE REALLY REALLY WANT?: A Spice Girls Reunion May Be Happening…But Without Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham

Talks of a reunion have been buzzing since September of 2016 with Scary Spice, or Mel B, confirming the band was in negotiations to reunite – album and TV special included – but Victoria Beckham, or Posh Spice as fans like to call her, apparently would not be putting her little black Gucci dress back on.

A truth that was disputed earlier this week by The Sun, with a source claiming Beckham was on board for the reunion. However, a rep for Beckham has informed the folks over at the Daily Mail the reports are unfounded and Posh Spice will not be set for a return.

“I do think they should sing new material, though, because what we did as the Spice Girls was so special. If they sang Spice Girls songs I think I might be a bit sad,” Beckham told The Sunday Times in late 2016 of the rumoured reunion.

Original Spice Girls boss Simon Fuller is said to also be on board with the project but only time will tell if we will ever see the Spice Girls all together again.

Are you here for the reunion if it doesn’t include all members?

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