AS IF ALL RAP LYRICS ARE FACTS: Eminem Claims He Gave Rihanna Hickeys And People Are Mad

Eminem’s Machine Gun Kelly diss track has caught the eyes of Rihanna’s Navy, and they are not with it.

Eminem’s track “Killshot” has got people across fanbases asking questions. The opening lyrics of the track mention everyone’s favorite Barbadian musician and entrepreneur, Rihanna, and needless to say, people feel a way about it.

The lyrics in question are as follows: “Rihanna just hit me on a text / Last night I left hickeys on her neck.” Those of you who have been following the famous rap beef will recognize the bars as a response to a line that Em’s Texas-born opponent MGK spit. In his diss track “Rap Devil”, MGK claimed Eminem was “The type to be scared to ask Rihanna for her number.”

Beyond being a reply to MGK, Eminem’s lyrics have prompted speculation about a supposed relationship between him and the Savage x Fenty designer, and have seemingly rubbed people the wrong way. Britsh DJ Samanta Ronson told TMZ “I think [the lyrics] are misogynistic and homophobic. He’s smarter than that and he’s proven that he’s smarter than that. It just seems like some real, like, lazy writing. Rihanna is running an empire. She’s busy. She isn’t putting hickeys on your neck.”

People have taken to their socials to discuss the lyrics with the general consensus being Ri just doesn’t have time for Eminem. What do you think?

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