PETTY BETTY CHRONICLES: Tyrese’s TGT Bandmate Tank asks The Rock for Role in Spin-Off as Fast and Furious Feud Continues

Admit it, we all have a little bit of petty left in us. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson decided to let his petty hang out a bit recently to prove that point. The actor/wrestler has dealt Tyrese a blow nobody saw coming.

Recall that Tyrese has been weeping all over his timeline after news that The Rock and Jason Statham are having their own Fast and Furious spin-off show named after Rock’s character in the film series, Hobbs Shaw.

For weeks, Tyrese went on and on about how The Rock was breaking the Fast and Furious ‘family’. In fact, he swore to troll and text The Rock for the next three years, called the wrestler a ‘clown’, prompting co-star Vin Diesel to break silence on the future of the franchise.

All this while, The Rock has ignored Tyrese, but yesterday, the king of savage took to his Twitter to shade the f*ck out of the singer by responding to Tyrese’s former bandmate Tank’s request to star in the Hobbs Shaw movie.

Here’s a brief history of Tank’s feud with Tyrese: The duo, alongside side Ginuwine, were partners in the R&B supergroup TGT which broke up in 2015 because Tyrese was money hungry. He didn’t want to split their earnings equally.

The group stayed defunct. They often feud online, as Tyrese refuses to an equal partnership.

Well, Tank is looking for a job. Perhaps to diss his bandmate, he went seeking for bread at the hands of the same person Tyrese is feuding with.

And The Rock, to show he had some additional petty up his sleeve, immediately responded to Tank, and even called him “brother”. SMH!

Check out the posts below:

#TheRock got time to respond to #Tank ? #HobbsMovie ??

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And here’s Tank defending why he sought for a job from The Rock:

Tyrese will most definitely be throwing tantrums at home right now.

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