NOW THESE ARE “GOALS”: Russell Wilson Becomes Highest Paid Player in the NFL with $140 Million Contract Extension

Wilson is now the highest paid player in the NFL.

Russell Wilson had only one year left on his contract heading into this season and he was desperate to get an extension from the Seattle Seahawks. Back in January, it was reported that Wilson had given the Seahawks an April 15th deadline to get a contract extension done and that he wouldn’t sign a deal after the deadline. If Wilson went into the offseason next year without a contract, he could risk getting hit with a franchise tag which would hurt his ability to go and get his desired contract. Luckily for Wilson and the Seahawks, both parties agreed to a deal right at the deadline last night.

According to ESPN, the terms of the deal make Wilson the highest paid player in the league. The contract is for four years, ending in 2023 and is worth $140 million. Included in the deal are a $65 million signing bonus and an annual average salary of $35 million. Both of these figures surpass that of the contract signed by Aaron Rodgers last year, who makes $33.5 million a year and received a $57.5 million signing bonus.

After signing his big deal, Wilson and his wife Ciara took to Twitter where they looked pretty happy and cuddled up. Wilson addressed his fans letting them know that they could breathe easy as a deal was finally agreed to.

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