NOT ME GIRL!: Tamar Braxton Reportedly Goes Ham On DeRay Davis Over BET Awards Lip-Sync Jokes During Hip Hop Squares Taping

On Wednesday, during filming of VH1’s Hip Hop Squares, Tamar Braxton and comedian DeRay Davis allegedly got into a heated clash over a lip-syncing joke.

The argument allegedly went down when Davis joked that Braxton had been lip-syncing during her BET performance back in June. According to TMZ, Braxton didn’t hear what the others were laughing about at first and had to be clued in by Lil Mama.
Braxton, however, didn’t appreciate the joke and reportedly let Davis have it.

Davis shot back that he didn’t care who her sisters were and that he would get his own sisters involved to beat her down.
Eventually, the two of them were separated and filming resumed, but TMZ reported that the two of them “hashed things out after the show,” so it doesn’t look like there are any lingering hurt feelings.

DeRay should’ve know better than coming for Tay Tay!

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