BUT DID SHE NAIL IT?: Stefflon Don’s Lil’ Kim Inspired Mixtape Cover Leaks Online

The rising star channels an icon.

Stefflon Don’s next project is in the rollout phase, but her mixtape cover was leaked before the planned date.

The rapper took to Instagram to share her disappointment with her following. She posted a video of herself addressing the situation along with a scathing caption: “And to the person that leaked it,you can suck my 🐱 as I’ve been deprived for the last 2 years 😫💔 ps ill post the image later as its only 8am in london. #Secure 🔐 the image was clearly not 😫”

The emcee starts from the very beginning, saying, “so I woke up this morning, slightly pissed off because my album cover has been leaked.” She goes on to explain how the cover was sent to her label in advance for promotional purposes, which is common practice in the industry. The artist wonders why people are so untrustworthy. “Why can’t you trust people […] It’s just annoying.”

A Lil Kim fan account might be at the center of the leak’s spread since the icon is the clear inspiration for the sleave, an emulation of Kim’s ‘The Notorious K.I.M’ sophomore album.

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