MOTOR MOUTH IS STILL GOING: Khia Continues To Harasses Quality Control CEO “Pee” & the City Girls Even After He Came With Receipts

Khia must not understand music business.

As we reported on Tuesday, Khia opted to call out Quality Control’s Pierre “Pee” Thomas for his involvement in City Girls’ single “F*ck Dat N*gga.” The song appears on Quality Control: Control the Streets Volume 1, and it prominently samples Khia’s classic “My Neck, My Back.” Khia felt that she deserved some money for the sample, and hopped on social media to take shots at “Pee.” “You know I’m mad at you cause you let those ‘ol dirty a** City Girls sample my shit, and you didn’t pay me,” Khia yelled in the video. “While you act like you got so much motherfucking money, you ugly fat necked b*tch.” “Pee” responded with receipts, proving that he went down the proper channels to acquire the sample. Khia got a hard lesson on the music business, but it appears she doesn’t understand how ownership works.

Khia hopped back on social media after “Pee” hit her with the proof. She seems to think that he should have broken her off a check separately. “Y’all like to give a n*gga their money. Why couldn’t you be a real n*gga and call the queen and say, ‘Queen, I wanna sample your shit. I got these new little young girls, I wanna sample your shit,” she stated. “You got all this money. You n*ggas so rich, and I’m so poor. Why the fuck you ain’t call me and say, ‘Queen, it ain’t nothin’. Get this money. I wanna sample your voice, your shit. I look, I seen you a publisher on this m*therf**ker, you own copyright, you own the publishing to a percentage of this song. Here go your money.”

Pee swiftly responded to a post of the video by The Shade Room simply stating “ignorance at it’s finest. Let’s stop promoting foolishness.” NEXT CASSSE?

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