MESSY MESSY MESSY: K Michelle Lashes Out at Best Friend Jonathan Hernandez Via Instagram; Claims He Wasn’t There for Her During Complications of Butt Surgery

The last week or so has been really bumpy for singer K. Michelle in regards to her health. K told fans via Instagram that the silicone in her butt spread around, causing her legs to shut down. She says since last week, she’s had to have TWO blood transfusions and take medication in effort to fight infection.

Though her body may be doing a bit better now, it seems K’s feelings are now the subject of pain as she took to Instagram once more to lash out at her best friend (or now former?) Jonathan Hernandez, who many of you should recognize from the most recent season of ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York,’ accusing him of not being there for her during her ordeal.

“F*CK HIM!” She began, “I called and asked him to come he said he couldn’t because he had to work and then said I’m going to call you back, I’m headed to brunch, and he never even called me back. Then today he’s in my DM asking for my phone number! I’m tired of being fake, because you all think we are friendship goals. I don’t even talk to him anymore, he doesn’t even call back!” K said among other things in the lengthy comment in which she continued to label Johnathan as a “fake friend.”

Not one to be slandered, Jonathan then hopped in the comments himself in an attempt to clear the air. He revealed he reached out to K but he had to go home to comfort his siblings whose father (his stepdad) had recently passed:

“That girl is a selfish miserable person that attacks and lashes out on everyone around her. While she was crying on live for y’all, I’ve been here consoling my biological brother and sister who just lost their father, I didn’t want to have to bring these things up but now all you guys want to give fuel to this know that I am focused on making sure my family is ok right now,” Fernandez said in his also lengthy comment.

It seems as though the entire situation could be a case of miscommunication. I’ve personally been around K and Johnathan together and their friendship seemed pretty genuine, so hopefully this is something they can talk about and work pass. Take a look at the comments in full below. What do you guys think?

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