IS THIS WHAT SHE MEANS BY ALL OF THEM ARE HER SONS?: The Internet is Attacking This White Woman for Seemingly Transforming Herself Into Nicki Minaj; Being Accused of “Blackface”

For years we’ve heard Nicki Minaj describing “all these b*tches” as her “sons.” And now it appears as though she has more of a daughter than any actual sons. Or a twin. Or a clone. Or an understudy. Hell, I’m confused at this point. It would appear Nic has a look-a-like — except, drum roll please — it’s a white girl.

A college student named Jaiah Fern got all dolled up for her birthday outing earlier this week. Fern had Twitter users doing a double take after she posted a handful of birthday selfies that easily could have been posted by Nicki Minaj herself.

It was all fun and games with Twitter users loving the resemblance — that is, until other photos of Fern that painted a much different picture surfaced (That of which her actual skin complextion.) One Twitter user pointed out, Fern is white, which led many to start to question if her pics count as blackface.

Fern insists she was “not trying to be Nicki or use her as a costume in any way,” in a statement to Yahoo! News.

“I think the dark hair combined with my tan and other facial features that make me look kind of ambiguous? I don’t know. My foundation shade has always been the same,” she said.

Some on social media have come to Fern’s defense. What do you think? Check out some of the reactions below:

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