LOVE & WAR CONTINUED: Vince Herbert Reportedly BANNED From Tamar Braxton’s Beverly Hills Condo Building After Explosive Altercation

Just when you thought Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert may have been on the way to normalcy after a year full of extreme ups and downs, something happens that rips the couple apart even more. New reports are claiming that Vince has allegedly been banned from Tamar’s new apartment!

TMZ reports that security at the singer’s home had to escort the producer out of the building on Tuesday night after the two had an explosive argument. The police were not called but they won’t hesitate if he violates the orders.

This comes after the estranged couple was spotted on vacation where things looked like they were going fine.

The relationship has been strained since Tamar filed for divorce from her husband and moved out on her own with her toddler son, Logan.

She is committed to co-parenting for the sake of their child but it’s obvious that it’s been hard for her to set clear boundaries. Vince has a notorious temper that has just come to light thanks to Tamar’s family.

Most notably, Evelyn Braxton spoke to the media about the emotional and physical abuse her daughter was enduring at the hands of Vince. She even told a story in which she recalled having to lock herself in the room with her grandson while he was chasing Tamar around the house.

“I ran back to the room because the baby was in the bed with me. I was very much afraid for the baby. I put a chair behind the door. I barricaded myself in the room, and held that baby all night long. That’s no way, no way, for anyone to live,” she recalled.

In December, Vince was arrested for spousal abuse after consuming too much alcohol.

Hopefully, whatever happened between the two has been resolved and they can figure it out for the sake of their young child.

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